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How badly is civil rights undermined by...

I often pose a lot of screwed up questions. Many of these questions are to get people to think what which they would normally not spend time thinking about.

For instance, the issue of Separate-but-Equal, African-American/minority, and Same-sex rights.
I have noticed that people make arguments which consistently defend their own ability to attack (either mentally, physically, passive-aggressively, you name it) the rights of others, or stand by while others are harmed/threatened with harm.

At the same time, they claim to be moral. It's like a mini-version of the Victor-Writes-The-History-Books drama. I have seen people smirk all my life because they thought they were better than someone. But when someone thought they were better than them? Well. That was unacceptable. I have actually noticed a series of stages that groups go through when dealing with folks like this.

First, especially in massive groups, the general behavior, with notable exceptions, is open anger, hate, and spite. There is little hiding their feelings and opinions that the person/group judging them is ignorant. (Again, it's important to note that many ;;will still fervently defend their right to discriminate against others, whatever the issue.)

Second, if this person/group seems to gain influence despite this open outpouring of dislike and resentment, or still openly resists (possibly making the attacking group look like bullies, and such), they simply begin to try and win the person/people over with kindness. They will try to shame the person by saying nothing can be done to protect the rights of others they don't care about (they COULD protest and such, but they 'ain't gunah'), while saying it's not right to attack their rights, or allow/simply-not-care if their rights are attacked. While this phase occurs, people tend to do more of a mix of passive aggressive shaming, attempts at winning the person over, attempting to manipulate the person and show "they are not as smart" as they appear (even while simultaneously trying to "be nice" so the other person "has no excuse to be so rude"), etc.

If the first two fail, they still always have the first option to go back too. I have seen people have their jobs held over their head, I have read and heard numerous tales of people losing most, if not all their family, etc. Basically, if you can't make them join you, you make an example out of them.

Things like this happen all the time, all over the world, but it's also happening here. In America. Right now.

It's really easy to forget that your safety and rights are very dependent on those around you. Well. That isn't easy to forget. What is easy to forget is how it's deep sub-components keep you safe. By attacking same-sex marriage, for the wrong reasons, you can actually fuel a sense of disdain and superiority against yourself and any group you are perceived to be a part of. For instance, do you understand just home many people CLAIM to believe in the bull of the bible, yet most definitely do not act as if their following it? Do you understand how many of these people hold positions of power? Politicians are notorious for using religion as a propaganda tool, not giving one damn about whether or not it's all real.

That said, consider how all power mongers work:
They consolidate power. How do they do it? By ruling with as much impunity as allowed if they initially need to watch their step. As they gain more and more power, and those below lose more and more, people begin to both conciously and sub-conciously lash out, struggling for breathing room, trying to carve out their own personal bubble of space and resources in the tough new world. And while doing so, they claim the "Superiority" card as their own. They are either morally superior, (like the devout Christian who rails against abortion, but says it's gods will and/or nothing can be done about Iraqi Casualties) or they are stronger, like a macho Patriot-Biker who wastes his life in a bar despite all the 'direction' his All-American father gave him. Anyways, back to the actual people with the reins ($cash$). They use all the knowledge of psychological warfare, and group-control theory (apply the stick here, lay the carrot there, teach them roll over and kill the "terrorist towel-head" get the drill), which has been gained through thousands of years of cutthroat nature teaching us the best lesson she has to offer: 'Survive. I don't care how. Just do it. Your a lion. That's a wildebeest.'

Most of us (yes, even many athiests) would like to think we have evolved mentally (and in the case of us evolutionists, PHYSICALLY) past this kill-to-survive-via-the-path-of-least-resistance stage. But then again, instead of rallying as a public, and demanding that our government start dumping subsidies into clean energy tech companies like Tesla Motors, we instead go out and murder innocent ME. And I am supposed to sit back and do nothing about it because I am ignorant and don't understand that it needs to be done. That it's ok to kill children for oil to place in our big shiny tonka trucks. We are All American men afterall, and that's what All-American, non-homosexual, family men do: drive unecessarily large trucks so we can try to drown out the cries of kids who we pump into our gas tanks with the 7000cubic inch hemi...with a turbocharger. And lift kit. Dear Santa.

Why do we as a society continue to pretend it's ok to sit back and finance a country which murders folks so we can maintain our position at the top of the financial food-chain? Why do we still think it smart to allow, or in some cases aid and abett the CIA, NSA, and many other organisations, in doing secret renditions, dropping tomahawks on families, or even performing covert (sometimes "open-secret") harrassment of individuals/groups? Does the general public acknowledge that that kind of system locks out accountability and oversight, leading loss of freedom not just for the Iraqi we murder for oil, but ourselves here at home as well. Aiding a covert agency in manipulation or murder of other folks leads to fear of what might happen to you if you step out of line. NOBOOOODY expects the Spanish Inquisition. Nobody expects the SS on their doorstep.

Then again...they do. That's why they don't step out of line to protest something they know to be outright wrong, but they join the group in attacking homosexuals: It's safer to attack the jews right alongside the Nazi's so no one suspects you of being a Jew-Lover. That could mean difficulty with your mortgage, your job, your car, your limb, eyesight, and life. Then again it may just mean a lot of people mentally harassing you till you conform and learn some manners, while the attackers, morally superior, sit back and continue to conciously and subconciously make every effort to ignore things they know are wrong, but they'd rather not be "bothered" with.

What do you think? What kind of disturbing self-manipulations and intentionally self-serving tactics do you see people use to justify their harm of others so they feel more confident and secure about their own lives and quality of life?
ahh... enough already. nobody reply to you.

don't spam here. even brüno realise gay are doomed.
badai wrote:
ahh... enough already. nobody reply to you.

don't spam here. even brüno realise gay are doomed.

You know, you could just avoid the post if you don't like it.
Did you know that? Yea can literally avoid using your fingers to hit the mouse button, or even avert your eyes...I know...crazy right?!
Alabama Civil Rights are really good and its not hard to everyone.
First and foremost, people often seek evidence to defend their own views while ignoring competing evidence. It's a human weakness; that's why in science we have the peer review system. Also, in science, or philosophy, you're trying to find some sort of "truth" - which means that you actually care about evidence - both in favor of your position and counter to your position.

The belief that same sex marriage is immoral isn't some inherent truth; it's a belief. Therefore, people with these beliefs will just look for the "evidence" (which is based off of a book that runs their religion and isn't the law of the SECULAR NATION) that supports their opinion and ignore the rest (this is cherry-picking from the Bible).

As more and more people are being reasonable in society and the courts, governments, and general population are tending to tolerate these bigots and their hatred less, they're forced to relocate their hate to other places. This is probably why gay people can legally be killed in some places in the world. If you cannot legislate hatred towards homosexuals in the U.S., why not try to fight for it in Uganda?
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