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End time prophecies and trumpets

I believe that the end time according to the Bible is from the time of Jesus' resurrection to the Second Coming. Websites and end time ministries interpret the book of Revelation by relating history to the prophecies and monitor daily news in relation to our position in the prophetic time.

A few of them I came upon interpret that first 5 trumpets are over (Revelation chapter 8 ) and we are at the 6th trumpet call. And at least the first 4 seals are opened. Then there is the tetrad of blood moons and solar eclipses which a few relate to the 6th trumpet (Luke 21 :25 ) or the signs in the heaven (Genesis 1:14).

The beasts of the book of Daniel is related to Countries each of them symbolize. They are separate beasts in Daniel but a combined beast in Revelation, which symbolizes a world nation.

Certain prophecies are very clear and straight forward, but most are in symbols.. Thoughts..?
Nah, most of the prophecies are clear as day. It's just that people interpret them as symbols in incredibly silly, far-fetched ways because they're dumb and/or dishonest.

When it says "Hail and fire, mingled with blood, are thrown to the earth burning up a third of the trees and green grass.", it means that hail and fire, mingled with blood, will be thrown to the earth burning up a third of the trees and green grass.

Trumpets are cool, prophecies aren't.
There's a correction: what you quoted i didn't find in the Bible. It doesn't say what you quoted. It says "... there followed hail and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up."

It doesn't follow that the casting upon the earth of fire and hail caused the third part of trees and all grass to burnt up. It could be two separate things.

I have seen this as the interpretation of WWI and the Scorched Earth Policy. They way it is interpreted is because probably we have witnessed this in history and can relate to the prophecy now. At the time of writing the prophecy, the word "Bomb" or "Missile" may not be in use. We use "UFO" for any thing flying that is unidentified. Just like that.

And for the symbols, we don't interpret them as per our liking. The beasts symbolize nations (kingdoms) and their rulers (kings). The 7th chapter of Daniel both shows the symbols and also explains what they mean.

The trumpets have been interpreted as WWI, WWII (mountain of fire in the sea as the atomic explosion in the islands) and sinking of one third of ships. , Wormwood as Chernobyl, where the water bodies were actually poisoned, and many died, darkening of one third as the shrinking of time (which i admit cannot be interpreted properly), the burning of bottomless pits as the burning of oil wells and the way the sky was darkened due to the smoke if you have seen the pictures.. etc.

And it's also interesting these are major events and also the order in which they happened.
I'm sure the trees and grass burning have nothing to do with the fire mentioned in the previous sentence.

That a word isn't in use yet shouldn't be much of a problem to a prophet. The prophet should be able to explain this new concept in full. Fire and hail means fire and hail.

Sure, people have interpreted the texts to mean those things, and they're all dishonest ****** for doing so. History could have looked any possible way and people would interpret events to be referred to by these text. It doesn't matter what the events are, there'd always be someone to make a teneous stretch to revelations.

If WWI never happened, the same people would still be saying these prophecies relate to historical events, they'd just find some other event they can use to make that stretch. In fact, they already have. Humanity has always been in the end times and those trumpets have always been close to being fulfilled. When it wasn't WWI it was some meteorite falling to the Earth or some local forest fire or whatever.
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