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What do you think about the immegration officer? Are they doing there jobs well? Because in the Philippines most of them are idots...
I know of so few government employees that are competent.
"immegration" (immigration?) -- helping or allowing people to move to a new country.

It's a __huge__ problem for the US government. I suspect that in most countries, the policies and practices don't get reviewed regularly and there may not be immediate public outcry if they make life unnecessarily difficult for would-be immigrants.

This is a very broad issue, likely to differ a lot from country to country, but as I suggested it is subject to normal "government agency" issues but with limited public interest in reforming it. Here it is a political hot potato, so between too many people sneaking in illegally and concerns about terrorism, it is quite unlikely that appropriate legislation can be passed that would improve the process for those from all countries who want to be considered as potential residents. Not that people won't come, but that the process is overly complex and probably unfair to some applicants.

Here the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) -- which might have had a name change, I don't remember, due to now coming under the control of our response to terrorism -- is a much-feared agency by anyone who is not yet a full citizen. The only other agency feared as much is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) which collects income taxes. The IRS is of course feared by all residents of the US.
When I was in the Philippines once I went to immigration to extend my visa. When the manager saw my passport coming through he came out to say hello as he had been in Australia. He jumped ship there once and lived around the country for two years illegally before being caught and led a way in handcuffs. I suppose that gave him the experience to manage an immigration office. His greatest memory of Australia after two years was the bikini girls on the Gold Coast.
I guess turn over of knowledge is not goot in there department. Some are good but most i can say needs to go back to basic or college learning.

Sorry to say i sound hars but it is true.
Well wherever there is a mixture of policies, procedures and human judgement these type of scenarios are bound to arise. The immigration officer has to look for two things-- saving his own ass ensuring he doesn't violate any of existing policies & procedures and secondly take a call on listening to person in front of him. And this leads to those scenarios where we might think they are not that smart but actually they are bound by their own rules.
In my opinion it is a very personal Question how you see that.

On one side you have the thinking of that if all of the poorer countries come to yours that you will not be able to hold your job to the same conditions and so on, but on the otherside you must think of that your countrie is pretty much to judge as well as their countrie is, for why they are so much poorer.

Most of the poor countries have a huge acrarculture and many people working on farms. We in the First World countries we buy bread to prizes where that farmer in the third world state could live a month from. Why does he not sell his bread here? Because the countries have taxes you have to pay if you want to sell your stuff here, and (especially for farm-products) these are extremely high. The argumets are to save local buisness. So there could be much more people live from our bread-need in Third World countries. So if you look at it like that you see that we are stealing his job, (on tax costs btw, since our local farmers get money from the governement because they cant produce so cheap)

I hope i got you thinking.
Best whiches

Excuse my english pls.
Good night
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