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Frihost DC (Distributed Computing) Project

I've seen many other forums with a DC team. I was wondering what DC project people would prefer (such as Folding @ Home, or D2ol) for an Frihost DC team. (and if admins would sponser this)

I personally like d2ol because it keeps good stats and doesnt ever crash my computer.

EDIT: << my short explanation of D2ol... sorry about the long wait, i forgot about this post...
More info please...
I'm assuming this is something to do with using multiple computers to achieve one task.
yup, if the admins are willing, i think we can form a team. either folding or seti
good idea, uhh this noght be off topic but can some1 tell me how i can learn to make those kool banners in photoshop. thanks
varundesi wrote:
can some1 tell me how i can learn to make those kool banners in photoshop. thanks

<I have a marketplace shop for this>
That is, if you want to go about it that way.

Anyway, I have been planning a cluster-style supercomputer, and although a web-based one would not serve my purposes I would like to help. The problem is agreeing on what to accomplish...
yo man, i wasctually lookin for help, c;mon man
there is so little intelligent life on Earth.. what makes you think there's any out there?
gonzo wrote:
there is so little intelligent life on Earth.. what makes you think there's any out there?

i was more thinking along the lines of protein folding... which can help develop new drugs to combat diseases. I used to do SETI, but the program freezes my computer every once in a while.
why one of those projects. I prefer rosetta@boinc. I am dutch and flush for Dutch Power Cows. But if frihost sets up a team I will flush for frihost with one computer to. Maybe there can be something like for every 10 points you get one frih$.

BTW DPC is also from a forum, Gathering of Tweakers
I have recently begun contributing time to several projects using the Boinc client program. I would be happy to associate my contributions with a FriHost team if one is set up. I see no reason to limit the team to one or a few projects, but rather would suggest that the team be involved in any available project that members here want to contribute to.

My understanding is that you have to set up a separate team for each project, and coordinate the results by polling each of the individual sites. If the FriHost staff approves of the idea, I suggest that one person, probably a moderator or admin, begin setting up a team called FriHost on each of the projects that we know people here are interested in.

There may be an easier way to set up a single team for multiple projects, perhaps through Boincstats or Bam or some other organization. I will offer to investigate this if there is sufficient interest. If we create the team (or teams), I suggest that we consider setting up web pages supporting it, both at FriHost and at some of the existing Boinc-related sites.
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