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what did you do today?

I sat around, eat some chips. you? Razz
CACalgary wrote:
I sat around, eat some chips. you? Razz

why did i do today? well, i played the computer, posted in frihost, and saw the the match of elimination for the world-wide cup 2006-Germany
i dont see why something like this should be considered spam?!?!?

its just discouraging members from posting and whats the good in that? i see nothing wrong with this post so why should it be spam?

in reply to your question: watched about 3 episodes of lost, sat at computer, nothing
Went for a walk in the woods. Made some music with the rest of the family (sis playes a $18,000 harp! more than a lot of new cars!) Had a great lunch. read a little and sat around.

Tomorow I will completely go through a 13 speed RoadRanger transmission. Plant some pasture and fix some fence. and who know what else!
I bought some dreamcast games, saw "The Island", and listened to music. And that's about it Razz
i took a bath.... Smile its so hot
CACalgary wrote:
I sat around, eat some chips. you? Razz

I think this topic is relatively not important. In order to get free hosting, make important and a more suitable topic.
My daily work has a look the material, maintains the forum, everywhere
takes a walk in the network.
I did homework (making a movie for a mythology class), bought a 1394 cable(highlight of my day), went to a party, left party, did more homework (tornado outside), posting..., gonna go back to party, gonna sleep, wake up, do homework, eat, homework, sleep, eat, homework, sleep.

And in response to the controvercy, I do think that this topic might be a little useless, and might even be made for those who are just trying to keep their points in the positives, but it is fun to see what people are doing. It probably should be considered spam, but it's fun none the less.
waiting outside of a university and get ready to have the IELTs test... damn bad luck....
hmmm....slept in a bit, took some medicine, went to blockbuster, came home, went to the skatepark, fell more than once, came home, got on PC, going to sleep.
Studied (damn exams) - and posted in Frihost (DER!)
Just finished playing a game and surfing Frihost forum now after that prepare for studies Wink
went to work then came home to relax and work on my site as well as come here and see whats going on Smile
I woke up, watched a little television, and then decided to get onto the computer and follow through with my original plan from a month back to make a Metal Gear based webpage.

Frihost seems to be best suited for my needs in a web host and therefore I joined the forums for a chance to get hosted.
ignition wrote:
I bought some dreamcast games, saw "The Island", and listened to music. And that's about it Razz

i like this movie...

today i online for my website...
but just now server down a moment... Sad Sad Sad Sad
sleep and study Crying or Very sad
i played ncaa football 2005 on xbox
well lets was very interesting so far....i went off roading with my buddies and we were following this dirt road for about 3 miles until it came to this huge cliff that weve never seen we went down inside and found all this random stuff....we found like cars, lamps, shoes, couchs. lol
Today i fixed my brother's computer, surfed in the net, updated my forum...and now i am drinking beer and watching a movie
Today i went ice skating, came home and did some research for my project Smile
lbs wrote:
Went for a walk in the woods. Made some music with the rest of the family (sis playes a $18,000 harp! more than a lot of new cars!) Had a great lunch. read a little and sat around.

Tomorow I will completely go through a 13 speed RoadRanger transmission. Plant some pasture and fix some fence. and who know what else!

THAT is living, my friend. THAT is living. Sounds like a pleasant day with perfect weather. Glad to know some people out there still prefer a simple life. Very Happy
I played computer games all day and worked on a website for school.

I also went to church this morning.
I woke up early to see the sunrise and turned on my loud stereo.

Roasted a chicken for lunch.

And currently infront of the PC for some "Frihost Quality Time" Wink
i did nothing, just see the internet ,watch somewhere.
I slept for like 2 hours, I should be working on my homework but I'll do that later.
this days i am looking for some jobs message,

and parearing to find a job,
Still Doing Homework from yesterday!
CACalgary wrote:
I sat around, eat some chips. you? Razz
Well i ate choc cake wrote physics exam ate more cake, Been surfing eversince.
So far today has been no more productive than finding out the details of my new frihost website. I guess that means that I have to get going on getting my website up and running. Good stuff.
i have done absolutely nothing today because the temperature has been 38% celcius (im in Australia)

so ive just been vegging out watching tv and playing Xbox with the fan on full blast all day
its days like these i wish i had a pool and\or air conditioning
Watch tv the whole day
I engineered a new evaporator coil drain for my Jeep.
uhhh... well i didnt go to class... ummm.. played some soulcalibur III.... looked for money for cigs.. stupid habit.... uhhhh... sat around and drew..?
Today I was supposed to go shopping, but my mom cancelled at the last minute, so instead I had to go to school. Today I had politics and philosophy and they were both really boring, and long... when I got home I went straight to the computer... kind of sad huh?!
Woke up, got on the computer, did some work... did some "other stuff" outside for a minute, came back in on the computer... tripped out on the flashy lights then went out.
My friend needed more people to act in her film, so I was in school all day acting Very Happy
for me, i am at school and on the internet now... ... i cannot use internet at home.... i just moved to a new flat and there is no internet service.

i went to the old flat to pick up letters this morning. And i will have my first meal soon.. it's now 4:22pm.. ....
I'm having a headache trying to integrate Integeo to Business Objects. And for this VMWare version, I can't find the password. And I just blew a bottle of catsup at lunch time. Talk about having a nice day...

what a boring day today nothing as usual just watch tv and playing some computer games eating txting to my friends , around 3:00 pm this aftrernoon i went to the lawn tennis court i play with my fellow members of the club.
Studies, classes, gaming, web development, posting on FRIH =P
Just finished installing Mapping Intelligence GeoServer 3.1.. so yesterday's headache is gone, but another headache emerges. I can't find the license for the server... LOL.

I'm about to have my lunch now.
Woke up on a makeshift bed on the floor of my friends house this morning. Managed to blag a lift home, cancelled my driving lesson out of lazyness and then starting work on some new tunes in my studio.
Well it is 10am today and all I've done is wake up, drive to work, and sit at my computer I will say what I did yesterday.
I do my usual work day, talked to my neighbor about his new boat, play a little bit on my computer, and watched Bolt with my brother and sister. Nothing exciting, but it could be. Very Happy
Its traditional to go to a range (firing/shooting range) and fire off fifty rounds out of a shotgun, pausing only to reload and wearing no pad, when you turn 18. I turned 18 today. Christ.
Josso wrote:
Woke up on a makeshift bed on the floor of my friends house this morning. Managed to blag a lift home, cancelled my driving lesson out of lazyness and then starting work on some new tunes in my studio.

Lol, top day!

...I saw a few people through work but all lived local so walked it, then ditched my gear and shot down the beach to wash it all away
in that lovely deep blue tempest thats the cold north atlantic Very Happy

Just struggling to make an effort to send the work emails and do paperwork now without distracting myself on Frihost/Facebook/Whatever!
I went to school today.
It was a long and tough day because I was tired. And I was tired because I went to see the show of Disturbed yesterday... it was sick but now I'm so tired !!

It's 8 o'clock and I think I'll go to sleep right now! Cool
I worked all day! So, hard that I didn't even had time to have lunch!....experiments experiments...experiments...Then went to get my son and to target to get a now I am home eating a snack...and my son is playing with trains.
I went school came back took a shower and now i'm posting in frihost.
i went to work...

I wrote about 5 new SOPs (standard operating procedures)
and partially made a new Induction video for site...

a fairly productive day i reckon
I finally finished the installation of Integeo and already did a bit of exploring it myself. Things are a lot normal now. All I have to do right now is to wait for my shift to finish and go home. And tomorrow, I'll be doing another installation/configuration of the maps of other countries in the world.
I went too school in the morning and I have worked in the afternoon, and now I go out jeah Cool
Today I haven't done much at all, I have checked my email and studied Spanish so far.

I have to work later today, not to busy of a day for me. Very Happy
I installed and configure the Philippine map in Integeo and I'm currently creating a sample data for the said map for future client presentation and demo.
Wrote a press release about my company's first shipment to Australia and sent it out to various news outlets.
Waited for my parents to come to house for a visit. They did not even come in. Just stopped long enough to pickup the extra tomato plants I had. (their unusal crap, why do I bother?)
Went and helped an elderly lady paint her outdoor chairs and fixed a door latch for her.
Now, I need a good stiff drink!
I have tried to get a new job all day long. I lost my job few month ago. so I got to get a new one. but it's not easy. you know all of the world have suffered from global economy crisis. my country is not an exception.
I sat before computer watching news all day .
Utopia GFR
I'd rather choose yesterday, thus sunday.

Well, I played videogames (Prey, C&C Generals, , Crimson Skies High Road To Revenge, Far Cry Instincts and Fear) then I went to sleep.

I felt like relaxing, doing nothing really tiring which is in some aspects really cool sometimes in life.

Also, I usually tend to sleep when I feel like doing nothing (best therapy in life).
I worked today... then going to go home and sleep... just to do the same thing tomorrow.
i did a lot of things today....i spent most of the time, surfing, do some marketing and answering queries to our clients...also manipulating some employees while their making new designs for our latest collections...
I came to work... and I am stil here... I hope I will go home today... What I did today? (here at work).. drink hot coffee, smoked one package (already... just half of day past), sent tons of e-mails (received a little more), analyzed some data, searched some documents, thought about shooting myself.... you know! regular stuff....
Today as usual i went to work, there i could complet installing a PA system, which will be inagurated
tomorrow at 10AM.
I woke up 6:15am, watch VH1 from that time to 6:30am, when in the shower at 6:45am, got ready for work at about 7:00am ate brake fast and stuff, leave out at 7:15am to the taxi stand for work, got a taxi about 7:20am, reach in town at about 7:30am got the bus for work. Reach work at 7:50am, came in login to my pc start working at 8 am. Worked from 8:00 am to 12pm i when for a 15mins break, from 12pm to 12:15pm, start working again, when for lunch at 2pm when back in for work at 2:30pm, 2nd break was at 4:15 pm, leave work at 4:30pm
I paid my car insurance, I bought a large amount of organic fruits/veggies, and my juicer showed up today.
today l went to my aunt house in londan
Today I talked to a friend and brought up a sad story to me... I ended up crying. It was over a girl.
Walking through rome, shopping Smile
Mrs Lycos
Today? well i think i sleeped too much! ^^ eated talked with some friends and taked care of my litle sisters! :O Ohh and tried to do some homework but i have a headache so didnt go good Razz
Woke up at 7;15am, did my eyebrows. Took granny to the doctor. Came home at 2pm. Talked to a couple clients. Did a TON of dishes. Cleaned the stove. Played some games on fb. Chatted with 2 friends. Having a snack and gonna start work now.
ocalhoun wrote:
I engineered a new evaporator coil drain for my Jeep.

Damn. O_O.

And here I was going to say that I developed a new app for the Maemo (Linux) based OS on my Nokia 810. I just got owned. Hardware >> Software...
woke up at 10 am.... ate..... worked on a couple architecture renders.... ate.... sat outside drinking a rum and coke..... worked on more renders.... ate .... and im now watching tv and surfing the net
Did work, came back and watched tv and played some games Smile
Processed another shipment of my companies' holders to go to Australia. Worked on customizing a car. Cleaned up a display case. Slow day.
I took out the Labrador pet for an early morning walk. Then I slept.Then I made tea for my sick wife.
Then I tried to repair my computer.
I came home from my friends house where I stayed the night, ate lunch, played on sims 3 and am now watching The Other Boleyn Girl (which by the way is really bad) and posting on Frihost
Acturely, I don't know what I have done everyday . Just eat and sleep.
Today was awesome. Took the family and some friends to the beach in San Diego. Had a wonderful time playing in the waves and only got a little sunburned.
Today, for me, was a ******-up day.... I realised that the only solution is to resign.... to leave this job behind... but is still hard! I still need some certain money for the next two months. Maybe after this I will be free to quite. I hope... The rest, love is in the air... but who has time to breath it??
I woke up, and felt like my whole body was numb. Then, when I tried to get myself out of bed, my whole body (And specially my abs and legs) were in an unbearable pain. Thing is, I had done a workout routine I found in a really cool website- turns out it wasn't that easy, and now my whole body is regretting it! But no my mind, of course, because I know I can stay fit by performing those excersises every day.

And today I ate one small brownie (I think, because my mom cuts them I pieces and I ate three small pieces) for breakfast along with a coffee with little milk. It wasn't a bright choice, I know. I'd say it was about 250 kcal. to stay clear.

And that was my rant of the day! I've been anorexic, and right now I have the binge eating disorder (Really common in anorexics who have come out of their illness). And let's hope I don't binge in the next meal, drink plenty of water and stay healthy and fit!
took my aunt to the airport and sent her back to NY.
Returned home with another aunt and uncle and hung out with some cousins. Came home and trying to ready my mind for work tomorrow.
I woke up this morning .. and since is 7 a.m. .. I went to the bathroom, washed my face, releaved myself and now I'm sitting on my computer posting on frihost.. Razz
today i did nothing but hop in the car and watch my brother practice driving (he's on his L's) ><"
slept till 1pm, wondered what to eat till 2pm. ate. cleaned up the house. made dinner. hung out at an aunt's house, we had a bbq. 3:18am now...doing laundry
I went shopping today, nothing special...
I am new here so I'm so excited and energized to type something. I wanted to share that I'm making an SISP for an organization. The front-end is PHP-scripted and the back-end is Visual Basic 6.

The problem is, I do not have the money to buy domains so I ended up finding some free hosting websites that suits me. Hope this forum help me!
Very Happy
Mrs Lycos
Hmm Today i waked up a six am , but it was to early so i sleeped a bit longer still eigth Razz , im in holidays so i friend say ¨you crazy¨for the hour i waked up , but these days i am sleeping like three hours and living in the dark side with my pc , the night XD. I took a bath and later i did some hmework while listen at "Heartbeat - Scouting for girls" (love it) Eated something And later i went to my fathers house while taking care of my sisters i singed and text mensagge my friends XD (Happy friends day)
And did finish a draw of a huge house ^^ its good.And now im seeing a movie called sexy killer!!
Thats my day !! Ahh i forgot i played counter strike and killed some ppl Razz
today, i did nothing...i wish i could get very busy with my work and see them( my co workers ) very busy as well....ugh....this could make me stress...done nothing today...
i went swimming, slept, ate, watched tv, played frisbee, drove, breathed, showered, played counterstrike ate again and slept again lol the second time for good
I'm looking for a new job now. So I've searched job postings on line.
And write lots of resume and send them.
When can I get a new job? Crying or Very sad
went to work, chatted about my favorite TV shows, played on facebook. The usual. Smile
I just check my mails after my breakfast then i work some computer to add there domain and configuring email accounts of the client.
I ve a some problem when doing my job
I have a very long todo list... I have to finish everything by this monday.

Clean the house, buy stuff, prepare a presentation, etc.
M'dratr says no-ooo.

Don't kick ancient topics + don't make them in the first place.

Thank you!

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