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NoFap - (slightly age sensitive topic, viewer discretion)

Okay that topic title was just so I'm not held accountable for polluting any young minds, although at this day and age I don't really think that's needed. Razz

Fap as you might know, is internet slang for masturbation. NoFap is a subreddit of a group of people who come together to post updates about abstaining from porn and masturbation. There is also and

Mostly I'm just taking part in it as an exercise in self discipline. Comments? Anyone tried it before and had results? I did for a week before breaking it today, and I did notice improved mood levels overall.
I'm skeptical. Proponents tend to come in the form of "I heard that x caused y so I tried x while specifically looking out for y and y totally happened!"
Interesting to say the least. However I'm sure it would be impossible for me to last very long. I read some of the blog posts and was only thinking really... Not to mention there are good reasons to masterbate. Its actually considered healthy.
I actually heard about this practice in reddit. I think the name of the subreddit is the same as the title of this post. I actually thought it was a good idea, but I never went ahead with it. I don't think I have such a control over myself.
My few cents about the topic:

I have a strange libido - I can have sex everyday, but when I do not have it for one month, I don't get desperate and get strange ideas like many people do. But when nothing had been happening with my sex life + I had been very busy, not much time for personal stuff + no hot girls around = sexual desire would play the lead part in most people's lives, but I instead was often forgetting about "this kinda stuff". As a result, I think I had like max 3 weeks without masturbation and at least 6 months without sex, probably more than once in my adult life. I can share with you how it played with my organism, but keep in mind that, like I said, I'm strange so it might not apply.

1. Libido gets stronger after few days, but then it starts falling until it reaches anything from the non-existent level to neutral level (which means would enjoy but not often trying to create extra opportunities)
2. There is an experience of extra energy after few days. This energy gets stronger and stronger for few days, but then drops to a neutral level.
3. There is an experience of extra anger, irritation, aggression and elevated testosterone levels that last for few days and then drop down to neutral level.
4. You can see a pattern in those three points above where everything sooner or later reaches my pre-nomasturbation time. When this happens I have absolutely zero more energy when I don't masturbate/have sex than if I would do it even few times a day daily. There's absolutely no gain, so no point abstaining, so I prefer masturbating and having sex than not masturbating and not having sex. What a surprising conclusion!

Some professional sports coaches prefer their athletes to not have sex before the event, because it makes them more uncomfortable, on edge and hungry, but others want them to have it because it takes the edge off and relax is sometimes more important than tension. The majority prefers the first approach, but I think it all depends on how a person reacts to it.
That reminds me a rather old movie "40 Days And 40 Nights".
It demonstrated the kind of people who can't stand the life without sex.

I happened to have sex 5 times in a night,
and also lived without sex more than one year in my twenties.

However, I am the people who listen to my nature desire.
When the desire becomes strongly, it's no harm to have it more than usual.
When it's weak, it's also OK to live without sex.

It's not necessary to change it if it does not make your life worse.
Interesting topic. I have tried abstaining from masturbation a few times in my life. It has been acutely difficult for me. Even after only 4 days I usually end up having wet dreams, difficulty sleeping, and even getting erections when I am urinating. So when I am aroused I masturbate and avoid all the previous issues.

I am very strongly against the objectification of people, and pornography from a moral perspective. I also believe that sex should be saved and protected until you are in a meaningful long term and hopefully life long relationship.

I had never heard of these online "self help" groups though regarding "fap". In fact I've never even heard the term before. Is it a new slang word?

Regardless while I don't think masturbation is unhealthy just like most things if it becomes an addiction that controls your life it will become a problem.
coolclay wrote:
I had never heard of these online "self help" groups though regarding "fap". In fact I've never even heard the term before. Is it a new slang word?

"Self help" groups are aplenty, welcome to reddit. Smile

And "fap" as a slang term, yes. It's been around for a couple of years, starting from when those poorly drawn rage meme comics started becoming popular I think.
Guess I'm just old and out of touch with the digital society! I still don't really understand the whole concept of a meme.
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