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why Reality suck, Real Life suck, Real World suck ?

I hate life , I hate people / humans , I hate reality , I hate this world.
its very boring, and especially nowadays become only very materialistic, money / profits driven only, all about money, superficial, shallow, and mundane boring!

Why movies, video games, comics, books, novels, anime/manga, creative Art, basically human’s IMAGINATION & fantasy is often/always a hundred times FAR much more interesting & better than this sad, mundane, boring, superficial, & very LIMITING life / world / reality ??…

does God (if there is indeed one…!) play such a cruel sick joke for especially creating human’s IMAGINATION inside our heads?? .. especially often the very creative, artistic, imaginative, and “other-worldly” artistic type of people & their fantasy, sci-fi (science fiction) works and IMAGINATION !? …

can anyone here relate or think/feel the same/similar with me?
@Niki. I've found that we rarely get outside ourselves, so what we're hating is more like a mirror image of what is going on in ourselves. If we look after ourselves better then things usually turn into more interesting around us. Like start to exercise, do regular work outs, eat wholesome food in regular meals, get regular sleep, and learn interesting things. Also great is to watch good quality comedies so we can laugh and lighten up a little. I know it is a stupid cliche, but it is still true - if we laugh, the world laughs with us, and if we cry, the world cries with us. May just as way lie back and enjoy the ridiculousness of it all. For me a sense of humour helps most of the time to bring the world into perspective, as well as music. And that is made by humans after all. Also a very good biography or epic movie can inspire me, pets and birds, the breakers of the ocean, full moon, etc etc.
Come on dude, stay positive, I think you are just being lilttle depressed/stressed about something that occured in your life. Keep your heads up, something will happen in your life that exceeds all.
Those are good replies. I think the author is depressed. There is a misconception of reality present and it can be fixed. DH's single most significant suggestion is regular exercise regime (Doesn't have to be ott). This stimulates new chemicals which might offset your current state.

Not being insulting, you have a "skewed view of reality" but it can be fixed. Your body is asking you to help it. I have had those feelings also, so I think that is what your going through.. Good luck...
If you don't like the world as you see it then change it! You have been given some good advice above. Show others how to not be so materialistic by helping your neighbors and giving your time (and support) to causes that aimed at making the world better.
Niki, you are correct!

This planet is very materialistic too.

But to make this feel better: Imagine God appeared as a big pair of balls... then back away 50 meters and sprint as fast as you can and kick the nuts as hard as you can. Doesn't that make you feel better???
I can relate in some parts.
Some people can be very selfish. To the point that even if you point it out how selfish some of their actions are, they still try to justify it or simply dismiss my pointing it out.
The bad thing? I don't know when I may appear to be selfish. To them, the things they do is a perfectly natural thing to do. So for me to be doing things that appear to be perfectly natural for me to do, who am I to say that what I've been doing is completely void of selfishness?
Alas, if one pointed it out, at least we would act upon it and change in some way.

I also complain a lot, and it sounds a lot like your post, hence my first sentence.
But despite all of this, I also like some of the world. The morning strolls, the singing birds, you may have different set of things that make you smile.
Things that stops you on your track, slows down your walk, and capture your attention.
Having a squirrel follows you on your way to work,
to have it climb up and down your leg,
only to get down and go off its way after you've taken some small, slow steps

Things can be beautiful sometimes it could make you cry
spinout wrote:

But to make this feel better: Imagine God appeared as a big pair of balls... then back away 50 meters and sprint as fast as you can and kick the nuts as hard as you can. Doesn't that make you feel better???

Had to login just to say LOL.
I totally relate to how you feel, but I think you might be too young to be so cynical!

Yes, the materialistic world is superficial, boring, mundane, destructive and out right stupid at times, but hey, its where we live and its these aspects of life that challenge people.

I love the pair of balls scenario, if there is a god, it sure has played one cruel joke on the humans here!

Like comedian George Lopez says Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry....and I'll give you something to cry about!!

The struggle for money, to survive and keep the things that one needs to survive can be a royal pain in the butt, however that's not all that life is about.

We each have the obligation (if we chose to accept it) to contribute to society as members of it. Even if that contribution is small like digging ditches, or waiting tables. Whatever we do, we all have an obligation to become productive members of society and contribute what we can to it. Even if it is small, it is still our humble contribution to the scene.

My father used to say "Don't let the bastards grind you down" and he was right, go to work every day and give it 110% of your effort and do the best you can with everything that is thrown at you, and eventually you find that the best thing in life is doing a great job. No one in the world can give you that satisfaction other than yourself. Only you know if you busted your butt to do a great job, or if you skated along contributing as little as possible. When you do your best and are confident with that than the crap that seems to invade the world does not touch your confidence because you know you gave it your all.

If creativity is what you love than create something with your imagination, a novel, a comic book and or hero, a painting.

Yes we have to go out and work and contribute, but we also have time to do what we love, and it is that time that we take for ourselves that gives us some satisfaction.

Now as far as hating people, things, and life all I have to say is:

I hate cars and everyone that owns one!

I hate routers and switches and anyone that has ever sent a data packet over one!

I hate computers and anyone that uses them!!!

When it comes to hate lines I have quite a few of them.

Obviously you were having a bad day and were depressed, it happens and it will pass, and in the mean time, joke as much about it as you can, make fun of the materialistic idiots, and laugh as much as you can, because life is good, and when you come out a depressed hard time, you will know how good it feels to be away from it. Best way to look at the valley is from the top of the hill!!!

Good luck, and cheer up, not all of us are materialistic ass where is that new yacht damn it!!!!!!!
I recommend you to play computer games less because you will hate the real world if you play them a lot Very Happy

All people love money (its a rule) but do you see people going to cinema ? do you see those going hiking with friends in weekends ? do these activities earn them any money ? so why they do it if you thing all the things people do is for money ?

People have to earn money to spent it in their weekends and this is how the world works, I know that humanity is going down and down but still we can enjoy our life with good friends and family.
For me, live in this world just like live in the prison. I need to do a lot of good things to get back to the paradise when human starts from. I have to follow the God's rules to stay in the right path, live in truth and avoid the hell after death. Following the rules of God save me from many bad things in the world and makes me know what the bad things and what the good things. Now, what i want is to life in God's way (Islam) and go to the heaven after i die. World right now is very very full of good things. But it is not eternal / forever. World is so different to heaven / paradise. Paradise is full of fun forever without limit.
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