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Rose Online

hi all,
I recently downloaded ROSE Online (Rush on Seven Episodes, a MMORPG.
The gameplay is quite good although World of Warcraft is way better.
(I stopped playing WoW because it got boring after 10 months Confused )
Rose Online is an asian styled (anime-ish) game where you can play on seven planets.
Despite the fact that it looks a little childish (look at a randomly chosen mob and you'll see what I mean), it is a really fun game.
I'm still in the low-lvl region, so I don't know how the game will be when you're a highend character. But the game has a trial period of seven days, so you can play for free when your lowlvl.
I would recommend everyone to try this game, especially because it's free for seven days (after one week, 7.99$ a month)

if you want more info about the game itself, check:
this has a lot of info all located on one page.

and if you come online please choose europe server 2 and look for Valytalya
ive played it, got up to level 24 i think it was... its a good game because its more relaxing and stuff than many other mmos Very Happy i think they only have one of the seven planets theyre meant to have currently though...\

anyway i agree it is a fun game, although I would prefer to see people with a bit more variety in equipment.
i think i'll investigate this... hmmm
R.O.S.E is basically the 3D version of Ragnarok Online, which is coming out soon as Ragnarok Online 2. My friends tried R.O.S.E and they hated is, at this point I can't say how R.O.S.E is going to match up against Ragnarok Online 2, but from the screenshots I'd still say that anime lovers will choose R.O.S.E over World of Warcraft.
When I played ROSE, I thought it was ok, but then it got pretty laggy in the towns where there was a lot of people. Also, in my opinion, the graphics were pretty good, mainly because that was the first MMORPG I've ever played before. And I thought ROSE was Ragnarok 2?
I agree with Zoombinimatt..
Rose is way more relaxing than other MMORPG's. mainly because the servers are less populated than as an example WoW, where you have a some sort of 'pressure' to keep leveling and to be the #1.
The music is also more laidback (reminds me of gunbound)
I played R.O.S.E. (Rush On Seven Episodies) online during the last 2 months. I liked very much this little online game, because its cute graphics and ist less populated servers than other online games. But in time, the plot and developement of the game is too repetitive to me.
I don't play to this little gem lately. Maybe it's time to return!! he he he
See you!
I use to play this MMORPG back a couple of months. It was pretty neat however I soon stopped since I didn't really have anyone to play with so it got kind of boring.

I didn't realize it finally went pay-to-play.
i played it until level 20 then i got ubeeeer bored ^^and it lagged crap on my GF2 >.<
hmm too bad...
server1 is always full, and there are too many personal shops around the globe.. it aint funny anymore...

and server 2 en 3 are a bit lagging
My friend played it and I wanted to downlaod it too, but I didn't want to pay for the game. It just didn't look good enough for that.
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