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Mobile phone application


Today mobile phone is not only phone, address book, calendar, etc.
I have Nokia 6610i and thinking how can i use it not only as phone.
Please recomend useful applications for mobile phone.
Links also are welcome.
Gas Buddy gives perfect Gas prices in your area. Kies Air lets you transfer files over wifi. Flashlight is a basic app but is very useful. Mixology can be used to find out alcoholic mixes from the drinks you have in your home. Shazam will tell you the name of a song just by listenin to it for a bit.WhatsApp is a texting over data app so it does not go towards your bill... including international
More and more software companies are giving up JAVA platform ,they don't provide update of theirs' products .For example ,my phone is based on JAVA platform ,my UC browser which version is 8.3 can't be updated to the latest version 8.5. So I'm feeling a little bad .
I was in the mobile phone frame of mind last weekend when I was considering a new mobile phone with a really good photo taking ability. The Nokia N8 looked like a good bet for it, until I started talking to more savvy attendants and then got pushed into the direction of Samsung Galaxy II. So in the end it became a choice between the phone and photo ability of Nokia vs a much more dynamic phone in Samsung. My present mobile phone is a really OLD Nokia 1100 that can only phone and do text messages. Thing is however, I don't need any of those dynamic features really, and with my old Nokia 1100 I only need to charge the battery once a week. I bought three of those phones in 2004, one for regular use, two for overseas travel. They still have their original batteries. So after some consideration (about 20 minutes) I decided to go for a very small Canon Powershot A2300 camera instead. 16 MP with 32 GB space and 5X zoom. It fits very comfortably in my shirt pocket. I also got a bonus camera case with the camera that I could attach to my belt if I wanted to. I tested the camera earlier in the week, and am pleased with my purchase. Enormously user friendly, easy to use. Think my old classic Nokia 1100 still has some life left in it so will stick with it for at least another year.

I don't know about the phone stuff, but I think phones are getting outdated coz of the new generation wave coming in - tablets. :/
Ghost Rider103
pauline5765 wrote:
I don't know about the phone stuff, but I think phones are getting outdated coz of the new generation wave coming in - tablets. :/

The problem there is you'll never be able to carry a tablet in your pocket.

A cell phone is basically a mini tablet. Or really a tablet is just an oversized cell phone (more specifically a smart phone).

Tablets aren't replacing phones. They are slowly replacing laptops though.
There are plenty of applications available check the market space.Applications vary from devices to devices depending upon their operating system.
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