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Zone out with Bulbul birds ...

Want to zone out from the "real" world? Just check in with birds, and these White-eared Bulbul birds are great for entertainment as well. They usually travel in pairs, and LOVE talking and singing in all kinds of different voices. They are always upbeat and chattering away. Some of my favourite birds around where I live. They're also VERY inquisitive birds in the sense that they pay attention to voices. Just start talking to them and there is a chance they may chirp back. Hehe ... Very Happy

Note: Just learned something - bulbul name is Persian and means nightingale. That fits for sure!

Darn, never heard a bulbul this good before. Have to visit Iraq ...

Alright Dean, where is the webcam? I want to watch them for awhile. Here, I have the Robins, Doves, Hawks, Sparrows, etc to watch. The woodpecker is fun too as long as he pecks on someone else's trees.I need a change.
standready wrote:
Alright Dean, where is the webcam? I want to watch them for awhile. Here, I have the Robins, Doves, Hawks, Sparrows, etc to watch. The woodpecker is fun too as long as he pecks on someone else's trees.I need a change.
Now you're talking. We've got plenty of doves all over, and I hear them almost all of the day, particularly in the morning when I wake up. Sparrows too, not so many crows, hawks very occasionally, definitely the cheeky common Myna birds. Have you noticed the cheeky walks of theirs? And they are every where at work. Haven't seen them at home now I'm thinking about them.

Birds that are regularly sighted here and that I like to zone out with are:

Indian Rollers
They can create a huge neck cramp when one tries to keep track of their rolling in the sky to the equivalent of dive bombing. They are usually loner birds preferring to perch high up on the highest lamp posts, tree tops or walls and roof ledges they can find. The disappointing part about them is the very low-key sounds they make. Not fitting for such a beautiful bird.

Equally neck taxing are the barn swallows around here. Plenty of them in Vancouver, BC as well. Just amazing when they're at it with their acrobatics, and I love their sounds as well.

Rose-ringed Parakeet
Then there are the rose-ringed parakeets with their melancholic type caw calls - quite noisy of course when the whole flock are at it. There are a large number of them around where I live, particularly during early to late spring. I find it fascinating when they burrow under roof panes. And their heads are the only part sticking out.

Here they are out in flight - sort of a typical sight around here but usually in flocks:

Here is when they are burrowed in. Totally self-confident and unafraid birds - pretty noisy as well - but not for long as they move VERY FAST, now you see them now you don't:

I also like the hoopoe bird, quite a number of them around:

Bee eaters are really majestic birds of course and quite a few of them spotted around. Think they are called sun birds in other parts of the world, and are typically around when it is the fly season. I haven't seen them eating bees yet. They also travel in pairs like these little green bee-eaters.

wow, that's quite an exotic list of birds for me... mainly blackbirds and sparrows here.

didn't know that bulbul is a bird, i just know a band with that name... nightingales sometimes pass by here, though - and a friend of mine told me:" either you love them, or you hate them." and in the latter case it is because you have problems to sleep because of the noise they make at night. in spanish the nightingales are called "ruiseNores", which could well have a connection to the words "ruido" (noise) and "seNor" (mister)...
wow that first photo is so beautiful ! We have Bullbulls here too but they are different. Much more darker than that pair. Arch enemy of spiders which they eat anything that fits their mouth and has more than 4 legs. I have seen so many spiders become their snacks. Once while I was trying photograph a beautiful spider with it's web.
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