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Hello citizens of Frihost Razz,

I just have a quick question if anyone could help me out. On the main page of Frihost it states that they give out domains for x amount of Coins and I am just wondering if this still happens and how it actually works?

I think it is a rather neat feature and perk to being part of Frihost, so was just wondering.


Simon Smile
The domains are supposed to happen Simon but haven't in a long while due to the long absence of the owner. We're keeping our fingers crossed that the domains will be honored in due course. Not sure when however.
Technically, yes it still happens.
That said, the account creators, who would actually process the request, have been inactive for some time... and we don't know when they'll be around to handle the backlog of hosting and domain requests, let alone deal with new requests.

That said, to make a request, you click ACCOUNT in the navigation bar above, and click the link to request a domain. Account creators will review your request and get back to you at some point.
I have seen some people waiting over a year to get a free domain without getting one so to avoid any disappointments I recommend you to ignore the free domain offer. At least don't expect anything.
In my case, i was waiting for the domain for more than a year now and i have seen also many frihost user that are requesting; but for now i guess bonding is busy and cannot handle the request for frihost users.

I have already purchase a domain since more domain suppliers offers great value of price. So i think i dont need a domain for now.

I think i need more space for now.

But on the new member request, i am not sure if your request can be handle. Well, there are frihost members gave or offer there hosting space and some domain. this really depends on your negotiations but i guess this is not official since bondings can only make a decisions here.

I guess that helps. Good luck!
Guess the first step should be to get your points positive Simon. As you can only earn coins for points in excess of 45 at end of each day. Just so you know there is a points reset feature in your account. You should do a reset as soon as you can.

You can learn more about how the coins are earned from this official blog post:

Thanks for all the quick replies Smile..

I was just asking as I am kind of starting a project based on the Frihost concept as I think it is awesome. Was just checking if they actually did it and if there was a massive call for it.

My company has a large in house server cluster and hosting network and I thought I would like to give to the people of the internet Smile.

I am not going to reset my points, I am working to get them back to a positive number. They are only in the negative because I was away for a long period of time without internet access and had the hosting I got from here running the whole time Neutral.

Thanks for all the replies,

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