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How to guess the exact title length accepted by Google?

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I have started this post to share my tips and get voting, suggestions on my tips as well as to get new tips by other members.

Here is my trick:

As we know that google don't exactly use the same characters and pixels count for every title. So how can we assure that our written title’s end characters are not going to be omitted by Google?

Open an MS word file and write down your title here, or just copy paste it here from any other document you have used to write it.

Go to Google search page and search any topic. From the returned search results pages copy the title of any such result which is showing on the full width (a title which is acquiring maximum space given by Google for title area), now paste it in the same MS word document.

You will notice that your pasted title (from Google) is using the same font-size, font-family and other font styling used by Google search results. Just highlight this title and press the format button from home tab (button showing a paint brush image). Now highlight your written title line.

Your written title will now showing the similar format of Google search results. If your title is showing in bold then you can simply unclick bold option. (It happens when your copied format is using bold text at the beginning of line; while copying the format your whole line becomes bold)

Compare your title width with the width of your copied title from Google search results.

Extra Tips:
1- Don't use excessive capitalization because capital words use more space. In short, only capitalize the proper nouns and leave the common nouns small.

2- Try to avoid stop words or words with short length to reduce space count.

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At first I used to think that Google counted the number of characters present in our page's title. There was a maximum title length limit like 163 or 168. For titles more than that character count Google added ...

Turns out that is untrue and Google actually uses pixel width of characters to determine the maximum width of a page title. Your tips are interested. We just find the maximum length title, apply its formatting to our own title and then compare. But, how do we know that a certain title present in Google search results is the maximum title width allowed?
We can assure that the chosen title is of the maximum width by choosing the sample title which has acquired the maximum space given by google to display the organic search results.
I am not sure about this statement. That really depends actually how you drive your sited.

I used google analytics tools to check but i am not sure either if that gives the correct results.
Google supports title of 60-70 characters only as the full title will be shown in search results.
As per my knowledge according to google guidelines the suggested length of the title tag should be 55-60 characters. But what i have seen that some people use 80-90 characters in title tag while some use 60-70 characters so every webmaster work according to its own SEO work plan.
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