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Joomla 3.2 install

How do i install joomla on this web hosting site
I am new here... when my account is running I'll let you know Smile
XclusiveVents wrote:
How do i install joomla on this web hosting site

Just simply download the Joomla zip files and transfer it using filezilla then extract it from the host/cpanel or direct admin if you are using frihost.

Once you are done unzip it, just simply type to the browser your site address ex: - then it will redirect to - just follow the procedure when you reach on this level.

Also, try and watch some youtube - on how to install Joomla using direct admin/cpanel - or whatever hosting you will used.
I'm about to venture down this road. I'll be following zimmer's advice -- anyone have any more advice? First time doing this
i plan on trying to install the new joomla.. ill let u know
rayjinx wrote:
i plan on trying to install the new joomla.. ill let u know

That is a good plan.

I am not active into web development now due to busy schedule but i think i will continue it once i got free and have adjusted on my time.

Joomla is been good to me for its easy to use and work on.
Search in Website software sub forum, you will find lots of helpful posts regarding this:

You can also try posting in marketplace and offer frih$ to someone to install joomla for you.
You can start with making an offline site on your computer. When you feel that your site is ready for public viewing, Use akeeba backup to compress your site and upload it to host. after successful upload use kickstart to extract it and make it executable...
Joomla is quite nice - I use it on my main homesite.
To install is straightforward. The only things to watch for are:
a) Create joomla database before install. Don't call it joomla, and assign a database user with full (write) access to the new dbase. Don't create any tables yet.
b) Now kick up the start from web browser (you will have already uploaded the source to the server and unpacked it into the directory you want the installation to sit in.)
c) Follow the prompts - probably worth installing the test data when prompted if you are a Joomla newbie
And u can also use a quicktart, at has some quickstarts which are very cool (i am also using a template at here (Vina Fashion II).
Despite this "keep posting on forums" thing, the hosting on this Frihost seems really awesome. What are your impressions so far?
(I just came in, so please excuse me for such a "newbie" question.)
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