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Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo

This Need for Speed: Most Wanted demo offers two Quick Race tracks, and three Challenge tracks. Also comes with three different cars.

Minimum System Requirements
Operational System - Windows XP/2000
Processor - Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent 1.4 GHz

File Size: 544,28 MB

Download (EA)
Download (EA Korea)
Download (PTgamers)
Download (NFS Unlimited)
thanx man i play it best grafik in demo two cars first ford mustang second porsche and in games select four cars why? mustang original and modifited porsche original and modifited Wink

i played games in saved screen (two pictures)

I have full game NFS most wonted for PS2 and game is excelent !
and i have few great game what i played, thats Call of duty 2, F.E.A.R, NFS Underground 2, Resident Evil 4 !
Lol i can play it before i have my 360, on my pc, and then download the same demo at the marketplace ( not from frihost, but from the X360 ).

But thnx for the demo.

Btw is this a combination like Hot pursuit and underground. Nut i don't have to finish first.
The zip file is corrupt? I can't use it. How do i fix this?

EDIT: I'm downloading a .exe file now.
i got the full version and i love, i loved hot persuit and i love most wanted. i also really like it because they have my car in it, coballt ss supercharged. i like how i can see how my car will look with different stuff. they made it really accurate, i only wish you could change the interior colour, oh well, overall i love all the need for speeds, they're doing a really good job at ea
tnx, i will start to download Wink
I am playing this game as well. But I hate those police cars, I always got caught. Embarassed Any road killers here know the techniques how to get rid of those police cars?
Head Hunter
I have already bought the full version of game. Very much it was pleasant. I think, that it is the best game of a series.
I got the black version now. I love the pursuits. And there's still tuning. Awesome. I only wish we could play online pursuits. Like 8 players 6 players will be police and 2 players streetracers. or 4 vs 4.
Yeah i got the game the day it came out Nov 16 ... it took me roughly 15 hours to beat it : ) (The last chace took me roughly 1 hour). I like the fact that you no longer have to look for the races they are easily accessed by the black list menu. However i did not like not being able to fly out of turns (which was the case in the previous versions)

For the guy trying to run away from the cops ... there are 2 options Pursuit Breakers or hitting the highway and waiting untill you are chased by like 2-3 cars then making a sharp turn. During the entire gameplay i was caught only 1 and at the end i got caught 3 times which was pretty bad .... But be careful at level 3 - 4 things get ugly ... at level 5 its just plain disgusting. But yeah pursuit breakers are your friend.

P.S. hitting a gas station when followed by a choper will get rid of the chopper

Hint: Watch out for the chopper at those highways ... it literally rams you into spike strips and road blocks
Trade Marc™
Props, just bought this for XBOX though...Quite a good game...
Thx u supply,I like The Need for Speed!
The game rocks. And i mean it.

The best game of the series for sure. Every year new NFS title, i dont regret it.
the game must be awesome. i loved the looking forward to play the fullversion which was released here in germany 4 days ago, but was sold out so fast
hey dude thankx a lot for the share man, iam still downloading it i hope it is as good as it sounds, would like to buy it if i can get it here
Thanks for the hookup, looked at that game and thought it was good, gotta download the demo now!
I dont really agree its the best of the series ... NFSU2 still rocks my socks : )
NFS2U is still the best in many ways... but MW is way better than U2 in many ways also. I will still play U2, just not as often as MW. Little guy is demanding on the power to. I have a 64 3200 cpu OC'd 2.6, x800xl OC'd, and 2 gigs of OCZ low latency ram. little bastard still slows down on some parts of the game... maybe because i have the setting up so high. 1280x1024, AA4x, and every other detail at least 2/3's up. The roads are beautiful in MW also.
wonderful game this
NFS2U is still the best in many ways...
thank you
during my last visit to my fave software store.. MW is already available.. I only saw the PS2 version (I'm still saving to get my hands on the PC version).. im just wondering guys.. how do you find it? i think i can get a copy before xmas but i jst wana here from you.. how does MW fare? graphics and all!! thanks!! Very Happy
Mam spolszczenie jest supeR:D
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