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My Post Got "LOCKED"

Below is URL of my post "LOCKED" Sad
It's unexpected and surprise.
Want to know more, pls take a look before it's "DELETED".

Any One got Free Web Hosting Opened in Last 3 Months ?

What is your idea?
Do you think my account will be "LOCKED" soon? Rolling Eyes
I am not sure why it got locked,it seemed a reasonable question,with the answer being helpful to more potentially new users when deciding if they should stick around or not.

Maybe pm Ankhanu,Vanilla or Bikerman as they are the only active mods these days.
I locked it because it's a question you'd asked a couple times before in other threads, and it's one for which you'd received an answer.
I am surprised that this post did not get locked after answer,

As stated above, no reason to 'spam' the boards with same question.

"you'd asked a couple times before in other threads"?
Yes, I did talk about that in threads.
However, I used that post to ask for more accurate answers from members.
I think you guys don't want me to touch that topic indeed.
Hm, threads come n go - locked and deleted - nothing to worry about. But somewhere the reason might not be obvious - perhaps a reason tag could be added when someone do something?
Hey, I've been waiting for a domainname change for a while now and you don't hear me complain Razz
Not gonna lie the first few times you posted I'm surprised the posts didn't get locked. If you would have done this before I'm sure you probably would have been banned by now. Just stating the truth. Flaming the staff is never a good idea especially for a FREE service.
Blaster wrote:
Not gonna lie the first few times you posted I'm surprised the posts didn't get locked.
So was I. It is also not true that we did not want to discuss the issue. The issue was thoroughly discussed in FriHost NO Free Web Hosting for New Comers ? Some of us responded with suggestions that got completely ignored including the advice of the Moderator:
Ankhanu wrote:
Hosting IS still offered, but, as [...] mentioned, the admins aren't around very often at the moment.
If you're in a hurry for hosting, paid hosting may be a better option.

I'll also mention that the content of one's forum contributions play a role in whether or not a request is granted. You've made your displeasure very clear, perhaps it's time to focus on contributing in more positive ways? Your point on this topic is made and noted.
Firstly, I would like to state that
I discuss with you all CALMLY and NO OFFENCE.

Post - "FriHost NO Free Web Hosting for New Comers ?"
is talking about if no free web hosting for new comers than Frihost should remove/update front page info. Yes, I got some replies from Frihost fellows and the key answer was "get off" in a very polite way. I think you can see and understand.
I'm really upset not only I cannot get a free web host.
But, more upset is no one here to defence the right.

Post - "Any One got Free Web Hosting Opened in Last 3 Months ?" [BLOCKED]
is going to collect factual situation of whether some one really get free webhosting recently.

BTW, thanks for Frihost doesn't block this post up to now.
Have a nice day.
I am calm and not offended.
The response boiled down to - The administrators have been somewhat MIA; account creation has a backlog. Account creation will be handled at an unknown time when they are able to attend to it. Yes, it appears to have been several months since the last account was approved, though hosting IS still offered.

If the uncertainty does not meet your needs, yes, you will need to go elsewhere. Unfortunately, there is nothing we regular users, nor forum moderators can do to help. We understand this is frustrating... we are also frustrated. While we certainly would prefer that you stick it out, we really have no idea how long it will take for your account to be assessed; we're working as blind as you in this regard.

Now. I'm considering this an end of story sort of situation. Further bitching on the topic will not be tolerated.
FirHost = not a good place to waste your time.
cabenqc wrote:
FirHost = not a good place to waste your time.

Dude, It's a free service. if you want to have hosting with 100% uptime and support that is waiting for you to call so they can come to the rescue... get paid hosting! I recommend priorweb, a little expensive but never had a minute of downtime.

if you want a hosting so you can play around with php a little... use local server software like (X|W|whatever) AMPP
I too notice you (user: cabenqc) asking the same question in the general forums twice. Your question was related to whether or not Frihost will be providing free hosting services to the new comers anymore.
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