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My Movie Collection ****Horror Movies****

Hi my dear friends and members of
I have a big collection of movies and I sorted them by genres and I am going to share their names and any information and my opinion about each one of theme here.
This topic is about my horror collection movies which are about paranormal events and unexplained mysterious incidents and mostly ghosts. For example "The others".
IF there is any other person who is like me, they are very welcome here to share their lists. But PLEASE PLEASE do not share films like "Alien" or "Predator" because these films are about monsters so I collected them in my Monster Movies list and I am gonna share theme in another topic named after the following genre.
I hope with your help we are going to make a great threat for the fans of this genre,
Thanks everybody
How about "Something Wicked This Way Comes". As the bad guys in this at least seemed to be ordinary people, I assume you would not classify it as a monster movie. On the other hand, they were surely monstrous in their behavior.
IMDB: A woman receives an eye transplant that allows her to see into the supernatural world.

Jessica Alba
Alessandro Nivola
Chlo Grace Moretz


My review:
The Eye is a movie about communicationس between human world and spirit world. I am very interested in this subject and The Eye have a good scenario. I also like Jessica Alba and watching a hot young celebrity in a horror movie is more fun. Chlo Grace Moretz is also one one my favorite actresses and I am pretty sure about her shining future. I am following her work so far.
The point about story line and the ending is telling us one important fact about spirits which is the spirits are not limited in time and can travel to the past and future and the writer of the story has used this fact in the best way.
Have you seen Mirrors (2008)? Smile
Twilight you would probably really like the forum, there is good film discussion too
I am looking forward to good horror movies to watch!
chartcentral wrote:
Have you seen Mirrors (2008)? Smile

Yeah. I've seen Mirrors about 3 years ago. Good movie but there are some other good horror movies in my list and I'm going to share theme here soon. Very Happy Very Happy
Josso wrote:
Twilight you would probably really like the forum, there is good film discussion too

Great sharing Josso Razz . I will check that up for sure.
Anyway if there is anybody who has some more review about my list please share here.
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