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Light Novels and Fanfictions

Not long ago I was a hater of light literature and fanfiction. They weren't true to what I considered literature. For me, its definition was that given by traditionalists who thought that Dante was literature but the Twilight Saga wasn't. Now, I'm not saying I enjoyed the Twilight Saga, but I don't consider it not to be literature anymore. I started reading light novels because I realized that entertainment could come from anywhere. Literature was born to entertain those who could read, which coincidentally were those with the most education and an image to protect. Now almost everyone on the planet can read and write. Some prefer to watch TV, others prefer to play games or listen to the radio. There are many ways of entertainment. However, one of these ways, and more than before, is literature.

Ironically, the pace of technology has not slowed down the reading habits that caused literature to rise. It has even allowed for new methods of reading to make an appearance, such as e-readers, computer reading apps, and some more. Readers aren't nobles anymore; and just as there are more people in the world, there are more preferences. Just now the book that has sold the most in all of history is an erotic novel that was initially a fanfiction. Most books now are easy to read because they are directed to the masses and not to the literary elite, unlike before.

Many kinds of entertainment have a casual focus and allow people to pass through the pages without having to look half of the words in a dictionary or an encyclopedia. Comics, soap operas, anime, manga, certain novels and especially most of the fanfiction. One genre that called my attention recently is that of light novels. Recently, a Korean author called my attention with a saga called "Legendary Moonlight Sculptor". It's only published in Korean, but it is translated for free by some people who enjoyed it and want to support it. Now, the translators aren't very good, the author makes some mistakes and in general the quality of the writing is not the best. However, the content is what caught my attention. I read through hundreds of chapters in only a week, as it was extremely easy to read, and finished all that had been translated of it.

It wouldn't have any great success, in my opinion, because bad criticism would arrive in no time, just as I did criticise it just now. There are many issues that could be found: contradictions, repetitions, flat characters in the wrong places. It could be considered childish and many other things. But it fulfills its purpose. It entertains people, it lets people dream and imagine and introduces a whole new world that, though it had been thought of, it hadn't been talked about to so many people. It innovates, just as many literary genres do today. I have heard professors and students in my university complaining about the popularity of novels such as Fifty Shades of Grey, saying that it is demoralising society. But wasn't society already like that? Products sell because there is a demand. That includes books.

I lost my track Laughing I suck at expressing my ideas when I haven't slept for 20 hours. Bye, going to sleep.
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