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really hacker?

I took this new from the spanish forum becuase, i wanted to discuss it with more people:

A security investigator informed into vulnerabilities in security systems, and left to his e-mail and nick of the IRC to "the vulnerable" companies. Quickbasic (this man) admitted to have entered the servant of Property, as well as a newspaper of Madrid (ABC), where he introduced a false new that it was in cover 10 seconds. Nowhere it caused damages to the system; in all it leave a note explaining how replace the covers and what failure had taken advantage of to enter. It was denounced by the Popular Party, the Treasury of the Social Security and the University of Santiago. The PP requested four years of prison and that paid the expenses of the audit that carried out in its computers, as well as the purchase to him of programs to assure their systems he said "I left my name, nickname Them and direction of electronic mail in case they wanted to contact with me and, for my surprise, that contacted to me was the police. I didnt wait that. Perhaps a fine, but not that requested prison, nor that sent a commando from Madrid to arrest me. [... ] "finally he has been acquitted of all the positions

what do u think? he really deserves prison? its correct what he was doing?
just so im correct; he was hacking to expose the weakness in their system so that they could fix it?

i just skimmed through that article so i may be wrong

but if thats the case i dont think he should be punished, more like rewarded
i think not. He helped them to make it safer. If you leave your door open and someone enters en left a note on the table that says "You left your door open someone could easely steal something" you wouldn't be angry but would thank him. I think this is the same
This Guy is a good hacker, He should NOT be punished. If he hacked my website or homenetwork and left a note, yeah it'd scare me at first. but I would ultimately appreciate it. They oughta thank him and pay him twice what he wants for his software.
rvec wrote:
If you leave your door open and someone enters en left a note on the table that says "You left your door open someone could easely steal something" you wouldn't be angry but would thank him.

Totally agree Smile
Ha, is the hacker, really that fierce, sounds to be a little fearful,
but I am thought did not understand what they do make hacker's goal
Sounds to me like he was providing a service to these people and he gets punished? Thats not right at all, at least he admits he hacked it and nothing was hurt
My 5 cents:

1. He was clearly doing something unlawfull (no matter which Country).

2. Should he or anyone else "fall over" some security issue he should either leave it alone or email them clearifying the problem(s) without entering in any way !

3. In doing it so, he might have an edge in getting hired as an consultant for said companies and as such turning something negative into positive.

4. By "defacing" the frontpage of a Spanish National Newspaper he's showing a serious flaw in judgement as well as being plain old silly.

5. Its not mentioned in the piece exactly how many "networks" he entered but to be aquitted seems veeery light. A major newspaper, the Conservative Party of Spain and a major University,,,, guys an idiot!

X. If someone should get into my house (once they get past my 19 dawgs), since I don't ever lock my doors, I would brake his arms. This is similar. Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
Getting in to a network is generally not that hard, the old saying "if you can get out, I can get in" still rules but just because someone has the door open does that mean anyone is allowed to go in ?
I personally think not!

Here on the farm we have seperate systems (as in NO connection between this outward system and the work related ones that are connected via sattelite to the clients / net and thats a ****** farm!
So are those "companies in question being unwise?,,,certainly!
Does he have any right to go into their systems?,,,, HELL NO!

It has to be punished in such a way that the "free for all" mentality is stopped.

ps. could you please leave a link to the spanish version ? =))
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