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Unable to install 64bit Windows 7

My dell studio 1558 laptop with 4 GB RAM, I5 Processor and 500gb hard drive came preloaded with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. For some reason i had to format and re-install the os, but it now installed the 32 bit version. When I am trying to use the installation cd that came with the system, it gives an error "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running". I want to install 64 bit OS, please help!! Crying or Very sad
Re partition your hard disk and installing will work
lookup Dell Forum
call Dell support.

Warranty is not expired.
You can ask Dell support to fix that for you.
If including on-site service, just make a call and they will come.
Where did the 32 bit version came from? You must have installed it from somewhere.

You should not try to run the installation CD while windows is running. You need to boot from it. If it doesn't boot the CD automatically you might have to change the boot order in BIOS.
This is a strange situation you've got going on there.

You can perfectly install a x86(32-bit) OS on a machine with an x64 processor but not the other way around.
so I'm not sure why you get the error message when installing a x86 OS on your x64 hardware.

in fact: "The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you're running" Tells me that you are either trying to run legacy ( 16-bit) software or x64 software on a x86 OS.

another thing, nowadays most if not all OEM's don't ship their lap/desk-tops with an install disk but with a Pre-Installed OEM (with loads of crapware) And they provide a hidden recovery partition. so if you used that recovery partition to (p)reinstall your OS you should definitely contact DELL for support, but on the other hand, if tried to install something from a disk which shouldn't be installed on that machine in the first place then I would suggest starting the OEM recovery process as described in the user manual that came with the laptop.
Where did you install the 32-bit version FROM? Was it using a CD or DVD? Was it from a recovery partition on your existing hard drive? If you have 32-bit installed (& running), then I definitely see why trying to install 64-bit using media is giving you that message. We need more info...
You are trying to install in Boot (?) enabled in bios ?
just format all harddrives, and set the settings of BIOS in the default mode.
May be your problem will going to solve.
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