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How will be the end of the Earth?

I mean the planet, not the humanity.

I bet for an asteroid.
engulfed by supernova of the sun.

asteroid may end humanity, but not the earth itself. too many bigger planet to attract the big asteroid, or the sun itself with massive gravity will attract the big asteroid. but it could hit earth any way.
Did you know? There is a galactic high way being constructed and the aliens have to destroy Earth so the highway have a clear passage here...

Ha, that was from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy books... good joke.

I go for the supernova too.
Earth is very HUGE and asteroids are small things. They cannot destroy earth, though they can scour earth and end all life.

Earth would probably end when sun is in red giant phase some 5 billions from now and its radius consumes earth. Earth would spiral from all the drag and be incinerated in what is left of sun at that point.

If earth somehow survive that, It would end with slow disintegration over billion/trillions of years.
There are so many cosmic objects that it is likely that one day earth will be hit by one of them, changing its orbit and slowly sinking into the sun.

If that does not happen the sun will continue to expand and eventually evolve into a red giant. As a consequence those planets that are close to the sun will evaporate and turn into an uninhabitable mass of gas and molten iron. Ultimately earth will be attracted by the sun's gravity and join it.

For a thorough overview of what could happen please see this article:
There might be several ways:

Asteroid: The most probable one. They say that we are in a live shooting range in space. Any day now we could be hit by an asteroid. Might take millions of years though.

Crash into the Sun: One day this is will happen right? May be after millions or billions of years.

Our Sun Dying out: Our sun is a star which has to die eventually right? If it dies, we will die too.

But when the above things come close to happening, people and other living organisms might already have been extinct from the face of earth.
Why would we crash into the sun? Are you saying that the instability in dynamics which theoretically could radically alter planetary orbits is likely to come into play? That I think is possible but unlikely. Otherwise orbit should be fine for the lifetime of the sun (4 billion years or so).
I still don't know what is the end of the Earth. To me is is not so important.

More important to me is to know how this University of ours in ending. Exclamation
The best guess at the moment is the 'big rip'. The universe will continue to expand. Since the amount of mass/energy is finite and fixed, this means the density of the universe will tend to zero with time. As the density decreases the local effects of gravity also tend to zero, and the expansion continues to accelerate. Eventually you reach a point where even sub-atomic particles are ripped-apart as the local spacetime expands (stretches)
Maybe there will be a nuclear accident that ends up destroying the earth... Or just some sort of big and massive boom that happens to turn the whole earth into little particles flying through space.

Either way, I think it would be an interesting end..
maybe it will be proton decay
There many different ways for earth to be destroyed:
1) By a huge meteor crash
2) By desintegrating from sun ray
Destroying planets is a commonplace event in science fiction.

We might be able to blow up the earth with the use of all of the atomic weapons

There's also the chance that somehow a future freak particle collision could create a mini black hole that grows big enough to engulf the planet eventually.

A top 10 ways Earth can be destroyed
I read about an interesting outlook from a novel I really liked: turning into a giant "space ship" and fly to the nearest star.

However, at the end, we all vanish.
When i win the lottery Laughing
If eating fast food doesn't destroy life on Earth..nothing will!!
Myrecords wrote:
If eating fast food doesn't destroy life on Earth..nothing will!!
Overpopulation probably will do it on its own. Too many people for the resources available.
The original question was about the planet itself, not human beings or life in general.
It is more likely that human beings are wiped out before life is wiped out and that life is wiped out before the planet is wiped out.
I could imagine a huge asteroid or meteorite hitting Earth and break it into pieces. This is probably the most likely scenario. Or some violent forces from outside or inside causing massive movement of tectonic plates followed by eruptions of huge volcanos and tsunamis. This will wipe out mich life but probably don't destroy the planet itself.
Just watched the movie 2012 this week where something like this is happening. I believe in the movie this is caused by a massive eruption of Neutrinos from sun. I doubt whether this is a realistic scenario. Anyway, Earth survives, and even a few people on arks.
You're right Amagard - we misread the topic. First thing that comes to mind for me was the movie Day after tomorrow (2004) with Dennis Quaid. It's science fiction, but for me it sounds plausible. Like with how the oceans are being polluted and global warming, it's easy for the world to protect itself by spontaneously going into an ice age and kill off most if not all of the world's population.

Looks as though the notion of the effect of the Atlantic currents on the world climate is not as far fetched though. Science tried to prove that there was an actual "Day after tomorrow" event 30 000 years ago.

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