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Best concert of your life

I will allways remember Depeche Mode's in London.... Was crazy Smile
Guns and Roses - in summer last year
Each year Live Nation puts on a country mega ticket. This will be my 3rd year going. I've seen Darius Rucker, Tobey Keith, Jason Aldean, Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Dierks Bently, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley and I'm sure I missed a few plus their opening acts.

So far my favorite had to of been Blake Shelton. He put on a hell of a show. He sent his band in and played a few acoustic songs. He had a way of introducing each song that made you laugh in a way. He really seemed to enjoy being up on stage. He touched on his being on NBC's the Voice. He made the crowd really laugh.

Being from around the philly area and Tug McGraw being a big figure in the area, his son Tim put on a good show that paid a bit of a tribute to his dad when he held up a sign that said we love you Tug.

Toby Keith has brought members of the US military up on stage during a few of his songs.

Being the poor college student that I am we buy lawn tickets. Keith Urban actually had a second stage set up where he moved up to and played as if the lawn was the front row which I though was pretty cool.

Luke Bryan really got into it with the crowd and so did Brad Paisly

To pick just one good concert that I've been to is kinda hard. They all are so good.
Ma Kelley!
I went to an Ozzy Osbourne concert in 2008 and it was THE. BEST. THING. I've ever seen. Ozzy has so much energy it isn't even funny. By the end of the night I was feeling both exhausted and accomplished.
For a guy that can hardly talk Ozzy sure can sing his heart out. I bet that was an awesome concert that I would love to one day be apart of
I haven't been to a lot of concerts by international artists. The local artists of where I come from perform good but they aren't really superbtastic for me.

But once, I happened to go to this Bryan Adams concert and it was just awesome. It is my most favorite and mind blowing concert that I have ever been to. I am looking forward to seeing other main stream bands such as Metallica or hip hop artists such as Eminem performing. But watching those artists perform is a dream that might never come true for me.
Hm , we had an indoor stadium that was ok for concerts in the 80s - and in there the bigger bands could do great sounding concerts. I suppose status Quo in 1986 was the best performance... Hm, the building didn't like all that boogie so it is not ok for band today to play in - it will then crumble.
The best concert I have ever been was the The Killers, on the Lollapalooza event here in Brazil. I've never been to many concerts, so that was the first international show I went.
There are three concerts I went to which I really liked, and each one for different reasons:

1. In 1985 when I was young I went to Depeche Mode concert. Obviously they played all their famous songs of their first years which I still enjoy listening until today. To avoid tinnitus I used earplugs when I entered a club or a concert. A girl behind me made a remark about that to her friend, something like: "Oh, look at him, he goes to a concert but uses earplugs..." But obviously I could hear very well as earplugs just lower the noise level. So I turned to the girl and asked her whether she had any problem. As a reply she told her friend: "... but apparently he can still hear very well..." Big smile.

2. In 2003 I went to a concert by Matthew Herbert's Big Band. Matthew Herbert did the electronic part while the big band used their analogue instruments. At one point during in the concert Matthew started to improvise with sounds using a sequencer. He recorded some sounds live, then started to repeat those sounds to get rhythm and a melody. To accompany him the whole band had newspapers as well, so during the next few minutes everybody was tearing and ripping their newspapers. The stage was full of confetti after this song. Highly enjoyable.

3. In 2004 there was a concert by Kraftwerk which was brilliant. Their music was accompanied by videos to highlight the lyrics of the songs. The funniest thing was the reaction of people listening. Nobody danced or moved a lot. People were just standing there, robot-like. Which is perfectly acceptable in relation to their music style. Very weird concert.
Papa Roach was killing it, 20th of November 2013, Vienna.
Quite surprised by this Green Day in Wembley, London. UK (worked the crowd really well)
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