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Any One got Free Web Hosting Opened in Last 3 Months ?

Dear All FriHost Members,

I would like to ask for your help to let me know about the situation of FriHost Free Web Hosting status.
It's because there is no official and formal way to obtain such information.
Some members said new Free Web Hosting service is no more.
But some old members told it's still running but very very slow and need to wait long.
Just like you submit a paper to a renowned journal and waiting for very official and long peer review process. Please note your online application is not the "paper" but your <<decent>> posts.

I would like to find out more information if you can help.
I guess many FriHost members are interested about such answer especially new comers waiting for Free Web Hosting or think to join or not.

Please kindly give us a post if you got FriHost Free Web Hosting account opened in the last 3 months.
Or, even in the last 6 months. Please don't mind to update us if you got Free Web Hosting in last year 2013.

Your information will be highly appreciated by many members including me.

Yours faithfully,
New Comer - CABENQC
Joined and still waiting for FriHost Free Web Hosting.
Well, earlier one of the Mods could sanction the request. So only they will be able to update the fact. However I do not think that Frihost has stopped providing free hosting as it is it's one of the top most USP. May be some other reply can confirm it as I was out of the forum for quite sometime.
Well, I also firmly believe that Frihost is continuing to provide free host to new members, like always. I think you have to check your posts. You have started a couple of topics here at General Chat saying that you have not got free host. You also have started an introduction topic here at General Chat.

I recommend you to be more patient and follow the rules 100% so as to get a free hosting account.
In response to what playfungames wrote: If the posts are not of good enough quality to get a a hosting account the request gets rejected. No response means no one has handled the request yet.
Up to now, more than 7 days. Got 3 posts.
But, "NO" post shown got free web hosting opened within last 3 months.
Poor FriHost.

If you really got free web hosting account opened last 3 months, 6 months or even in 2013.
Please feel free to let us know. Don't be shy.
You can help to return FriHost a good reputation.
Your post is more than welcome.
Well, twotrophy seems to have got his hosting account in May 2013.
2013-May, still possible to get a free web-hosting account.
But, now ???
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