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Please give me suggestions for my new computer?!?

Hey guys, I am planning to buy a new computer! I am going to assemble it. Well currently I don't have much money to spare so I am planning to buy a mid-range computer. (I would be using it just for Internet surfing, some school work, programming and a some gaming). So plz help me to decide the parts I should add. Question

I have planned this configuration:

Processor: i3-3220 (that's a 3rd generation, 64-bit CPU)
Motherboard: I have not yet decided (Maybe you can suggest a good one!)
Hard Disk: Seagate 500 GB
DVD drive: A low cost Samsung/LG drive Razz
Graphic Card: As I am tight on budget so won't be buying it now.
Case: Zebronics

Now I want your help on certain points:

1. First of all I am not sure when I will buy a discrete Graphic Card so what I was interested to know is, Is Intel HD-2500 integrated GPU that comes with i3-3200 good enough?
2. Also please suggest if there is some other Processor you know that will come at around the same cost? (and which is better than i3-3200).
3. Also what are your views about intel i3-3200?
4. Lastly, should I buy two sticks of 2 GB ram or one stick of 4 GB. I have heard that buying 2 sticks would increase the performance, is it true?
(1) I think if affordable, consider i5.
check this site to get benchmark info and counter check with your local cpu price to decide.
(3) I think it is ok basically. If you do alot programming with compilation and serious games. Try to get a better one.
(4) If you run 32bit OS, 2 x 2G is OK. If run 64bit OS, think about you will upgrade ram later or not.
2 x 2G is not easy to upgrade I think. Check your mother board ram slots and manual for ram installation information.
Wish U have a good new pc for work and fun. Enjoy.
Ok so I have decided to get one 4 GB stick as I will use a 64 bit OS and that also opens possibility to upgrade to 8 GB in future if it is needed.

Currently I am just a newbie in the programming world. I just do some python, web development and VB stuff. I am not planning to go much advance till I complete my schooling. Also I will ultimately get a new and better computer when I start college.

So for my present needs I need a 4 GB RAM and a good enough processor. Can anyone please suggest a processor better than i3 3220 (Is an i5 available for Rs. 8,000).
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