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How do I minimize windows

Is there guaranteed way to minimize 100% of the windows in Windows 7?

Pressing the Win+M shortcut built into windows doesn't always completely work as advertised.

For example it doesn't work with model dialog boxes
Open notepad.exe:
Press Control+O (Opens an open dialog) = Win+M doesn't minimize notepad or the open dialog
Same effect with the save as, page setup, font and "About Notepad" dialogs.
Notepad only minimizes if no dialog boxes are open, or only the find/replace dialog is open.

Another example are some full screen programs like the slideshow in "Windows Photo Viewer", or a fullscreen VLC player

Is there a one hotkey solution for a true minimize all windows in Windows 7 that handles model dialog boxes and everything? I wouldn't mind if it closed every model dialog box that happens to be open.
Windows+D (which returns to the desktop) seems to do what you're looking for. However, I do think there are some programs that won't necessarily minimize using it (such as some virus protection update boxes). Works with both the Notepad dialog and VLC, though.
Yes, Win+D works a lot better than Win+M even though I think they're supposed to do the same thing.

Turns out there's a few more uses for the Windows key than I thought.

william wrote:
Windows+D (which returns to the desktop) seems to do what you're looking for.
Da Rossa
Win + D doesn't actually minimize anything, it justs "shows the desktop". The pratical effect is hidding everything else and showing the desktop contents. Win+M is supposed to work too, but is not suitable for windows without a minimize button (those ones that only have the closing button, which you can hit ESC to make disappear). That applies to the "open..." window when you click file -> open in notepad.

You're after an effective panic button so your colleages won't pry, right?? Razz
I think WinOS without such shortcut or feature.
If you find, please kindly let me know as well.

I think it is not easy to find/googling a ready made sw to perform such.
However, it is not so difficult to tailor make a sw if you know vb or similar programming.

Take a look of

Hope this can helps.

Here is an autohotkey script that makes Win+M do the same thing as Win+D with the exception that nothing happens until the windows key is released. For some reason it can't auto press the Windows Key while it's being held down and it can't "auto unpress it".


SendMode Input

KeyWait LWin
Send {LWin down}d{LWin up}
Da Rossa
AutoHotKey is a fantastic automation program. Can't live without.
To Minimize a Window:
Move your mouse pointer to the Minimize button on the blue Title Bar at the top of the currently open window. It is the button, the left-most of the three buttons on the right end of the Title Bar
Left-click on the button to minimize the current window. The minimized window will appear in the System Tray area of the task bar.
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