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Hello to All

Dear All,
I heart about Frihost web hosting service and know it's good.
I would like to try.
As you all know, I need to have 5 posts and 10 points to start.
Hope I can start my web hosting soon.
Have a good day.
Welcome to Frihost! Very Happy
Welcome to the forum. Be sure to check out all the catagories we have. For example this should have gone in the introductions area. Anyway you will get the hang of it.
I joined on 19th of October 2012.
This a great site and I had have plenty of fun in taking part on forum discussion.

I love Frihost: it certainly provides the best free web hosting service in the whole Internet!
Welcome to Frihost!

Am curious, have you received hosting space already?
Poor me, Not yet Crying or Very sad
Thanks for concern.
Blaster wrote:
Welcome to the forum. Be sure to check out all the catagories we have. For example this should have gone in the introductions area. Anyway you will get the hang of it.

It probably ended up here after the OP read that points are disabled in the introductions area Very Happy

onlinerevu wrote:
hi i am new in frihost and i don't know how to make Frih$ point is any one tell me how can i earn that Frih$ and Coins.

Points, Frih$ and coins are earned by posting on Frihost.

Frih$ are not used a lot I think, these are mainly for the marketplace here but I don't think anyone has ever used them anymore after the introduction of coins.

Frihost FAQ wrote:
Q: What are the 'FRIH$'?
The FRIH$ are a deprecated currency that is now replaced by the Coins. Users that already have coins can still use them for a lot of things.

Frihost FAQ wrote:
Q: What are the 'Points'?
The Points are used to determine how active you are (if you are hosted by us). You shouldn't worry about them, unless they become negative. The hosting accounts of users with negative Points may be removed. You can't trade or exchange Points.
You are able to earn points by posting messages on our forums. At the moment of writing this, you can earn between 1 and 5 points, depending on the length of the post. Please keep in mind that those values are regularly changing and may currently be different.
Every day, 1 Point is deducted from all hosted members. There is also a maximum of 45 Points. Two email warnings are sent at -5 and -10 Points. Your account may get removed after those two warnings if you are still inactive.
Please note that the Points are only an indication of your activeness. Frihost uses it to indicate possible inactive users. No account is removed automatically.

Coins: Every day you points are deducted by 1 point, if you have over 45 points, everything above that will be skimmed off and will turn into coins, which can be used for free domain names

Frihost FAQ wrote:
Q: Where can I get a free domain?
Getting a top-level completely free domain is usually a hard thing to get. Please be aware of services that provide a free domain for the first year and then start charging after the first year!
Now, if you really do wish to get a domain, here are your options:
Buy one yourself if you are able to. You can get a .com domain for about 10$ a year nowadays.
Get a free subdomain. There are websites offering free subdomains with dns management, like FreeDNS. (or you can simply use our free subdomain if you use our free hosting)
Get a top-level free domain from us. We offer them in exchange of coins (our website currency) that can be earned by posting, referring other users to Frihost and a few other ways. We also offer free domains as prizes in our competitions.

also see here for more info on coins
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