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After searching about the server, I have noticed a common theme of personal questions. The questions aren't personal to the extent of "what's your address" or things of that nature, however most of the questions are things such as "what is your favorite book" or things of that nature. My curiosity forces me to inquire: with what will that knowledge be done? What purposes do such things pose? I have had contact with people asking such questions to scam people, or track them. Even if those things are not the intentions of such questions, anyone searching your username for, let's say, your favorite online game, could stumble upon this forum, and discover everything about you, which could be used to gain the trust of said person, which could then be exploited for poor or illegal uses.
Maybe you need to read our Terms and Conditions first before you pass judgment. The owner of this Website is a graduate in computer science from a Belgium University and there is definitely not a system here that mines information from the members of the forum.

The personal questions are harmless and you don't have to respond to them if they feel too invasive for you. There are plenty of other threads that are technical that you could participate in. You could also start your own blog and make your own blog posts if you don't want to participate in the main forums. All up to you. Your personal information in the end is completely up to you. No one is asking you here to share it with us unless you really want to. Not many do if you really read the details of the comments carefully.
Usually questions like this are used for password recovery. It is something that only you would know (in theory) so it is harder to get your password stolen or account hacked again this is in theory.
cjan8011teen wrote:
My curiosity forces me to inquire: with what will that knowledge be done? What purposes do such things pose.

Those questions were not asked by the administrators or moderators. Those questions were asked by by members of the great community here looking for commonality of interest. That happens everywhere.
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