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Which Coding Language Should I Learn Next?

I have learned html and css, which I believe myself to be decent at, but I want to know which language to learn next. I feel as though I am done with learning any kind of web design language, and wish to move on to web development. The question stands; which language should I begin to learn next?
If you are focused on the web I think you should learn some JavaScript (Runs in the user's browser) and/or PHP (Runs on the server).
Definitely php and javascript
A few comments:
    I agree that Javascript and PHP are the best next languages to learn if your interests are in web development.

    Once you start to move to javascript and/or PHP things move to a more abstract conceptual level and things get more complicated.
    Whereas HTML and CSS are each concerned (mainly) with presentation, Javascript and PHP are each scripting and programming languages, which, among other things, tell a browser or web server how to behave.
    Also, if you are going to learn javascript, you should also learn jquery which makes javascript more efficient.
    And if you are going to learn PHP, you should probably also learn mySQL, a database management system, which is one of the main reasons for using PHP.

Hence, you have a great deal of fun ahead of you!

Very Happy Razz
Just FYI
For very sure you should consider
Client Side : javascript(compulsory) and then AJAX(optional)
Server Side(optional) : or PHP or Perl

I think:
if you only interest to be front end designer : HTML + CSS + javascript (a bit knowledge is ok)
if you want to be a front end developer : HTML + CSS + javascript(complete) + (Flash or HTML5)
if you plan to be a back end developer, to learn Perl web programming first to get a complete concept, then select or PHP to study indepth. As well, you need to select a DB server to use as well, MS-SQL or mySQL is ok. You can select LAMP/WAMP platform.
If you plan to get a web job, you can consider to use IIS+ASP.NET or Java stuff.
Like others have already said, you should definitely learn PHP and Javascript for web programming. Without them you can't go forward in we development career. Also as currently you only know HTML and CSS (which are not real programming languages!) so I think you should start with a simpler language like Python, which can be used in web development also. You can also take a look at languages like Perl however I am not recommending it. Remember that PHP is most suited for server side tasks but the final decision is yours.

P.S. I am currently a programming newbie and I have decided to start with Python. Then I will learn C++/Java and PHP. You can also take the same route.
PHP is a MUST for a web developer.
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