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Are there any other paintball junkies here?

Hello My name is AardvarkSagus and I am a paintball junkie. Are there any other people on this forum interested in it as well, or do we not concider this to be a sport yet here? I personally am a bit overboard in my interest in it, stemming from the fact that I don't get nearly what I would concider enough time to play lately. Because of that fact I am incredibly well versed in Paintball Theory and within my specific interests, I know what equipment is capapble of what and even relative prices of all the markers that interest me.

I would love to see some paintball discussion start up here. I know that most of the other paintballers that I talk to on a regular basis are massive posters on other forums so we as a group are capable of maintaining a healthy thread or several to keep the post count up for those people only interested in such things.

I really enjoy just talking about it however and the posts would be a secondary benefit.
Scotty Too Hotty
Well i do definitely enjoy the SPORT of Paintball. Yes it is a sport. Even the fat people play it, and yes they do get out of wind.

I personally enjoy playing with an Autococker but i have also played with some No-Name guns, and a Tippman Model 98. I found the Brass eagle guns to Chop balls borribly. THe tippman was pretty cool. I would have liked to try it with a flat line barrel on it. Would have made the gameplay a little more interesting.

But i must say that my favorite part of paiontball is the strategy and the play of the game rather than the acutal shooting. I love to set up a strategy, and play the other team/s, luring them into ambushes and etc. Just completely anihalating them.
I personally shoot the most messed up Tippmann 98 Custom you have ever seen.

Here's a closeup of the "Crazy Mods"

And best of all it folds up compactly to fit into my case still.

I enjoy the strategy the most as well and for that reason I am looking into possibly replacing my 98 with a stock class Phantom (10 rd capacity, pump action, 12g co2) That would keep me small and light and more mobile than I can be now. More emphasis on play style than slinging paint.

Post some pics of your gun(s).
I played it couple of times and i think it is great! I cant wait for winter it is the most fun time to play it. all white just dots from buletts
Never played it in the winter myself. I'm not much for cold weather. I do think that playing it with the new Tippmann C3 would be interesting because the fact that it uses ignited propane would make it quite the handwarmer.
Scotty Too Hotty
i owuld uhave to agree that the winter is not real fun depending on where you are. Its hard to run through the snow, and it leaves tracks if the snow is fresh. I dont own any white cam either Smile. So no winter play for me lol
Paintball is serious buisness

I take my paintball wars very seriously. I really get into it.
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