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Harry Potter

Does anyone here like Harry Potter movies?
They are very exciting to watch.
They used to be. Now the series ended
Haha they really used to be. But honestly, the way they chopped the original story was too ridiculous. Shocked

I acknowledge they had to do this due to the screen time limits they were given. And originally there was an idea to film book 4 into 2 films. Which never made it into reality. My own issue with this series is the way they treated all the books starting from 4th one. The most dull being film 6 - the best example of a bad director destroying the whole joy of watching professionals like Alan Rickman acting like puppets.

There were also story elements crucial to the whole saga. And while I do understand there are differences between books and films and we should treat films like films and not like books, it's a shame they have skipped things like house elves defending organisation called SPEW or other elements. OK, my own views:

First film is basically what it is, fair one. As well as the second film. The third one gets criticized from time and I still don't know why, all the basic ideas are kept and it works well in the whole line of all 8 films. I like the colors and the directing and the concept art as well.

The fourth one had to be altered, but it's pretty fair. Unlike the fifth one, where quite many aspects of the story got lost. The sixth one lacks the factor of the half-blood prince - you can hardly notice any character mentioning him. I mean, finding out the identity of the prince was one of the basic lines of the original book - you don't have that in the film.

The first of the two DH films impressed me, since it basically utilized so much material from the source, slightly altered...but it was still there. There were moments I still missed such as Lily's letter, originally discovered by Harry in Grimmauld Place house. But I can honestly say there were pieces of the film filmed the way I exactly imagined them.

The final film was dull only at times (personally for me). Sadly it lacked the whole fantastic dialogue between Voldemort and Potter. They replaced it with the action scenes, which was too mainstream.

This is all based on my own views from years ago. But I wonder how I would evaluate it all now? Smile
I prefer the books. But some films were also good. I saw in a site that JK Rowling is going to film three more films about the animals in the world of Harry Potter.
Interesting, I remember her stating only one film will be produced, based on the additional book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, now I found out there will be series of films. It says it will take place in 1920s New York.
Yes, the movies were really good but I still prefer the books. Smile
The books are so much better. Movies after reading the books were such a disappointment and I understand time limits but still. If you have only seen the movies, read the books.
Even the real warmth between Harry and his owl was so sweetly described (i.e. Hedwig softly and amicably "biting" his finger), you don't have that in the films. Rowling is a master of describing real details of a true relationship, be it any character.

But the films perfectly illustrate the world of HP, demonstrating the beautiful designs, which actually controls your imagination and even if you read the books, most of the times you imagine the places and objects they way they are shown in the films.
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