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awesome vid: conservatives praise Putin, attack Obama


Awesome and hilarious, but really not so funny that so many Americans think this way. Conservatives are complaining that Obama is weak and should be more like Putin, but they also complain that Obama is a dictator. Bizarro world of FOX and the RW.
You might have posted the wrong RW praise link. It's a comedy bit of how Jon Stewart lept to several generalized conclusions after seeing a few people (at least one isn't even close to being RW) comment about how the two leaders are perceived and then seeing a few clips of a few other differing opinions, editing out their context to better suit his generalized conclusion and the next part of his comedy bit.

There was relevant a poll taken a week or two before.

Research, conducted from February 26th-27th, reveals that Americans generally describe their own president in more positive terms than Putin, except when it comes to the Russian President’s perceived strength and boldness
The overall picture does not suggest conservatives are fond of Putin.

If the RW leadership truly praised Putin as the better leader then they would be on the opposite side of the RW. The RW is about less goverment and the LW is about more.

Are you afraid or concerned that Palin is secretly a LW dumber-than-BushJr nutjob who accidentally outed herself? (She's been known to just resign, right)
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