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35mm sigma or 35mm canon

guys may i got your opinion which better 35mm 1,4 sigma or 35mm 2,0 IS canon.
Ive had a canon of that spec for a while now, and its performance has been great, but i cant speak for the sigma.
I shoot Nikon, so I don't have any firsthand experience, but I have read about both of them. If I recall correctly, the Canon is about $200-$300 cheaper, so that's already an advantage particularly if you don't need the 1.4. Main benefit from the Canon will be the IS, which will give you a bit of flexibility when shooting handheld. Furthermore, you can have some fun with motion blurring. The Canon will also be a lot smaller and lighter, so that helps if you want to travel light. Now, the Sigma's extra stop has its own advantages, and it's up to you to decide how useful that is. Also, supposedly the Sigma is a little sharper wide open than the Canon, and subsequently sharper at equal apertures. Doesn't mean the Canon is bad, just that the Sigma is excellent.

So, it really boils down to image stabilization vs. narrower depth of field. Whichever you feel is more useful is the one you should go with. Personally, I'd probably end up with the Canon because I'm cheap and could probably get away with f/2.0.
if recon if you're going for quality pick canon. Very Happy
moncong wrote:
guys may i got your opinion which better 35mm 1,4 sigma or 35mm 2,0 IS canon.

The Canon is great, the IS it´s really important, unless you are doing only stills, for video i prefer the canon!

get that one with a sony A7S!
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