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Weird keyboard/mouse issue

Very occasionally in win7 my keyboard/mouse will freeze for a moment only ever in desktop activities it would seem not in games or anything like that. Some of those times it doesn't recover, lights on keyboard and mouse are still on so it's not a power issue. You plug the USBs out and back in again, nothing, you plug them into 2 other USB ports a bubble comes up saying something about devices and then they work again. Bizarre.

Any ideas?
Are your keyboard and mouse 'standard' or does they have their own drivers?
I don't think it is related to mouse or keyboard, it may be a problem with cpu or graphic temperature, driver problems like graphic driver or other chipsets drivers, PSU problem , ... . it is really hard to tell what the exact problem is but you can find out what causes the problem if you look for any specific sign about when the problem occurs.
This could be many factors and/or combination of factors.

  • One or more processes are taking over the computer
  • Incomparable hardware
  • Out of date, corrupt or wrong drivers for one or more component
  • Malicious process running (Mal-ware, Ad-ware, Trojan, Virus)
  • If you recently cleaned or installed hardware one of the soldered components could have been zapped with static or the USB or PS/2 area on the motherboard could be damaged from plugging them in, soldering sometimes doesn't goes as planned during factory creation
  • Over heating CPU, Case or GPU
  • Key-logger or another type of hidden software that takes over your controls via mouse/keyboard
  • Operating System Software Corrupt
  • CPU faulty
  • Registry Corruption

To me it sounds like one or more processor are taking over and OS is frozen, if it was over heating it would shutdown/shutoff. If it was the power supply it would just shutoff when all the power available is used up. You can try to do a repair which would override default stuff from the CD that pertains to the operating system, all you custom stuff will still be intact but this requires a CD. If you do try this and it doesn't work then I would backup what you can if you can and reinstall OS, if that doesn't work then it may be a component attached/installed to the computer

Disclaimer: I am not telling you what to do, just expressing my opinion and stuff I would try or consider if this was my problem.
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