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Acid rain & global warming deniers...

Klaw 2
Okay so now and then i end up in a global warming debate,
Now something that keeps coming up lately is that the global warming deniers say:

30 years ago there was a scare about acid rain, it was said that whole forrests would die...
Everytime i pointed out that it didnt have much to do with global and tried to move the discussion along... (and also that a lot of steps were taken to prevent acid rain...)
however i would like a few definite sources to make them shut up about it.
I've been looking for a bit but couldnt find anything substantial, does anyone know a good source?
The acid rain issue resulted in massive changes in industrial practice, largely mitigating the issue... it's a fantastic example of how science detected and found solution for a large scale problem. Much of the research that went into "fixing" the issue was conducted in the Experimental Lakes Area research stations here in Canada; I'm sure you can pull all kinds of info from the publications that have come out of the institute:

Basically, if people are trying to nay-say global climate change by pointing to the acid rain problem... they really haven't done their homework, as it pretty much sums up the importance of climate science and its role in identifying and trying to fix these sorts of problems.
Klaw 2
I just thought about it...
There are still countries that doent have a lot of measures in place regarding acid rain, like china so it should be a problem there…
Soa ph map of cina is nice;
and some other stuff too...
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