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Best Games on Android ?

What are the best games for Android ? There are tons of games available, not every download is worth it. Of course the answer to this questions depends on what sort of games one likes.
Here are my current top 3:

Rank 3 - Angry Birds

While it sounds like a weird idea to fire birds against pigs this is a real nicely implemented game with good graphics and lots of play fun at the same time. Levels become more and more challenging of course and you have to use the different capabilities of different types of birds wisely to achieve the goal to take out all these nasty pigs. There are many variants out there taking Angry Birds into space where you have to deal with the gravity fields of one or more planets, or even into the Star Wars universe to explore the force of a Jedi-bird. Other variants deliver special themes for holiday seasons like Christmas, Halloween or Eastern. Unfortunately Angry Birds Go!, the hill-down racing game doesn't run smoothly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. It worked quiet OK for the first race track but stopped to deliver a smooth experience with more complex race tracks. OK, it is full 3D and thus challenging for hardware and operating system.

Rank 2 - Droid Machine

A nice example of a game where graphics are not that thrilling but fun to play ranks high. It is kind of a physics simulation where you have to assemble some basic parts to achieve the goal to let the yellow ball meet the yellow cube. Balls and cubes are your basic components plus a connector allowing either static connections between components or coming with built-in motors or axles. Again levels get more and more challenging and on some you can spent hours to find a good solution. Sometimes you have to build sort of cars or catapults to finally complete the level.

Rank 1 - Pocket Train

Currently number 1 on my list. Build railroads, transport freight from city to city, country to country and later on continent to continent to make more and more money and finally become a railroad tycoon of the world. Green bux and wooden boxes are needed to build better trains or expand storage space at railway stations, sometimes you get those instead of the regular coins for your transports. Regular coins allows you to build more tracks and purchase licenses for other continents.
After some time you either have to pay more green bux to get fuel for your trains, or you simply have to take a break and get them re-fueled at your railways stations. Better trains allow you to transport goods faster, to draw more wagons or to travel longer distances without the need to re-fuel.
The makers of this games - Nimblebit - have developed some more similar games probably worth to check out when I get bored with this one.

So - I am curious now - what do you think are the best games for Android ?
The game I play the most is subway surfers.
Mostly i play Angry Birds.
Angry bird is the best i think.
For me here is the complete list :

1. Asphalt 7
2. Modern Combat 4
3. Asphalt 8
4. Subway Surfers

I like angry birds too but it is just too old and after some playing i got bored of it. But Asphalt and Modern Combat series are just the best because they have multiplayer option which you can play with your friends and that is just a lot more fun. i know you can play angry birds online too but those type of games are not a real multiplayer game you always have to wait for others turn.
There are battle nations, angry birds, clash of clans, the simpsons, doodle jump.
all games get boring at some point Smile

however some standalone games are good. all online games requires money sucking

i am currently playing clash of clans and it requires huge money or patience
Angry bird
Nice list, amagard! I don't play much, but some of my favorites are:

  • Candy Crush
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (with Hidden Palace finished! oh, the joy!)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Sonic CD
  • Bejeweled

I am truly impressed by the Genesis' ports, they've done an excellent job. Classic SEGA with me anywhere. Hard to beat that, but I'm still addicted to Candy Crush. Very Happy
Standouts for me (And also not popular as well.... Why?)

- Castle of Demon (2D Devil May Cry Metroidvania hybrid! It's a port from a Java game though.)
- Star Traders (Rogue in Spaaaccee!) Razz
- Any Kairosoft game (They are addicting, just search them in Google Play.)
- Narcissu (A port from a PC Visual Novel game, decent story good introduction for Visual Novels)
- Deemo / Cytus (Very good rhythm / Music games.)
- Naught (Very good visual experience.)
Update on Angry Birds Go!:
I checked out Google Play Store yesterday for a new version and was reading they have made improvements regarding performance of the game. Thus I downloaded it once more to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 and as a matter of fact: running much better now ! Applause
Why have no Temple Run, I think it is the best Android game
Hm, I have tried loads of then and only a few is ok.

Dumb ways to die is ok.
Hill climb racing is ok too.
Off course all the candy crush.
Drag racing series is ok too.
There are some good Chess games.
There is a multiplayer quizgame called quizkampen.
Also the wordfeud and similar are ok.
HM there is a jousting game, joust rivals? that works good.
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