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3200 Fri$ and 900 coins to be won!!! [Closed/The End]

I'm leaving Frihost for good, so before my account gets deleted/neglected, I'd like to give away all my points and coins.
This is a short essay contest and the the heading is "Thoughts about using aggressive profanity in an online discussion when one would not do so face to face"
The closing date is sometime Sunday afternoon and if there are no replies I shall just donate my points/coins back to the site owner/creator (Bondings) and let my account wither on the vine Smile
No particular rules, just express your thoughts on people who are aggressive online but are probably less aggressive in 'real' life. Whichever reply I'm most drawn to will get the prize, if there is only one entry then that person gets it all, simple.
Somebody offend you? I think this is not reason for going away from forum. I have many similar situation (on other forums, too) but in most situation I am ignore replies from aggressive member. If someone other want to reply on their post it is OK, but not me. I am just reply on other non aggressive posts.

By the way I don't want your fri$ or coins I am reply because I just want to keep you here in company with other members. If you find one uncooked grain in soup you will not throw away full plate, isn't it?

sonam wrote:
If you find one uncooked grain in soup you will not throw away full plate, isn't it?


That is beautifully said Sonam. There are a million more reasons to stay here than the one tiny "uncooked grain" that caused the major ripple in the soup plate. We don't want you to leave like this Watersoul. We like you too much.
Oh boy we were just few active here and now someone will leaving again. I think this forum is not about the coins anymore, its about the ideas and things you learn here from others posts and replies. It's like what you will do with your money if your not happy anymore.
Cheers for the comments folks, Coins/Fri$ have been passed back to Bondings, so this thread can now be closed, and hopefully an admin will call by one day to delete my account/hosting/whatever.
I've already deleted everything in the hosting (images for posts etc) so there is a tiny bit more space available on server 1 now lol

Good luck with the future to everyone I have had the pleasure of interacting with over the years - Obviously excluding those who are unnecessarily aggressive in the use of profanity toward others - I shall enjoy reading the forums as a guest and instead chase debate in the offline world where men tend to be more civil when they are not hiding behind screens. My son actually joined Frihost last year because he was interested in learning philosophical discussion, but after reading some of the vitriol in nearly every thread he was put off even asking a question. That sort of example is a pity and I wonder how many new members/guests are discouraged for exactly the same reason?

That's enough from me now though, I'm off to strip a bike carburettor which is sat waiting for me on the kitchen table, I look forward to more time available for projects which do not involve looking at a screen Smile

Kindest Regards,

Watersoul (Tony)

I think your criticism holds.

First, you're right, there is no admin. I've been active on this forum for about 2 years now and it seems there is no Admin that replies to complaints (or requests based on points)

watersoul wrote:
the vitriol in nearly every thread he was put off even asking a question

In the Philosophy section, it's is a sad situation indeed: no one is apparently available, who can moderate insults and humiliation toward members.. common practice in that section. Sometimes I even get the impression, some kind of thought police exists in the Philosophy section, which prevents - or even deletes - inappropriate submits. When your text is not compliant with the obvious insights which are explained there, the humiliation starts. We're not educated on the subject, we don't understand the OP, we're misinformed, or we're demagogues, irrelevant, noise, off topic, etc. We're stupid, actually. This kind of psychological warfare is not unique to this forum. It happens when there are no rules.

BUT there ARE rules here,

1. General Rules

Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain obscene/pornographic/offensive material nor links to web pages which contain such material.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain links to or ask for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-print material without permission.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not degrade, insult or disrespect other users or groups of people.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not harass other users or groups of people.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain direct or indirect referral/affiliate links or links that you get credit for when people click on.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain flame bait or anything encouraging another user to break the rules.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain sites/links/scripts that are harmful to another user's computer.
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not imply, in a derogatory or discriminatory manner, that your culture, religion, ethnicity, race, sexuality, country and/or language is superior to any other culture, religion, ethnicity, race, sexuality, country and/or language. (Note that opinions can be expressed in a positive manner for the sake of discussion)
Posts, avatars, signatures and usernames must not contain sites/links to or information about another webhost.
Members are only allowed to have one account. Registering multiple accounts is not allowed.
Abusing the points system will result in an immediate ban.
Posts advertising ad blockers (not popup blockers) are not allowed
Posts containing Forum type games are not allowed

Good intent.. if everyone would comply to these forum rules.. we don't need an admin.
Sorry for bumping this but I just want to get this off my chest.

I think that WaterSoul left the forum for the same reason that Dean had once taken a timeout.
I've stayed away from the P&R forums because IMO Philosophy and Religion is not something one should debate about and especially not the way it's done in the P&R section, and policed by it's own sherif that rules with iron hands.
Religion is personal, what is there to debate about? whether or not somebody is worshiping the 'right' god? or if he/she is doing it wrong by not following this or that rule? no, everybody should keep religion personal. don't forget, this world has seen enough bloodshed over this topic.

There have been a lot of times when I was in the same situation where I didn't want to log on to the forums anymore and when I did log on I was posting in a way that 'should' get me banned, I was even hoping for it. but it never happened.

I fear for the future of Frihost if the Admins and mods are not being more active on the forum.
if you look at the statistics.. they speak for themselves

2014: 5356
2013: 31735
2012: 50341
2011: 60172
2010: 58064
2009: 86132
2008: 116730
2007: 183845
2006: 323573
2005: 123891

So this is a shoutout to ALL the Admins and MODS.... "Be more active on the forums so we don't lose users that have been here for years!"
Ah, I popped my head back as a guest and found your reply Marcuzzo!

Nothing has changed then really as I can see so far. The same belligerent style of posting from a certain member is carrying on as normal, and the overall post count is continuing to reduce.
I don't wish the death of Frihost but clearly in the few months I've not logged in it appears that the decline continues and Bondings hasn't reigned in his dog-like alpha male keyboard hard men in P & R yet.

That will be the downfall Bondings, community orientated people are not really interested in engaging with folk who speak to people online in an aggressive style which they would probably avoid in a face to face situation.
I, on the other hand, would love to meet a few unfriendly people on Frihost in the non-digital world and I would be interested in the discussion of how immoral my 'real' world reaction would be.
Skilled debaters who think calling someone '******' irrational (Note 'F*cking', needlessly inflamatory expletive/profanity) is morally acceptable - emotional/psychological abuse - yet a physical bang or two in the face in reply would have them bleating immoral and wrong because it was an attack.

Pathetic...and no wonder Frihost is on it's last legs.
Pity, would not take much to fix things, just tidy it up a bit and reign those rabid dogs back. again, ADMIN PLEASE DELETE ACCOUNT LMFAO xxx
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