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What? no topic about the 2014 Olympics

I am surprised that no one here is discussing the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia where the temperature is 60+ F which is perfect for all summer activities. laugh
I have not watched any of the coverage but have seen highlights and updates on medals.
I have watched the Curling, Cross-country skiing, Biathlon and Alpine skiing. The rest of the events is of less interest to me.

In the Curling I have only watched the games of the Swedish teams. It looks fairly good so far. It's not until the semifinals it gets serious. I think the men's team is good enough to win the gold if they play at their best. The women's team has been a bit more shaky. I think they could win but any medal would be great.

In the Cross-country skiing Norway started out good but in the last couple of days they have been less dominant. Dario Cologna has been very impressive with his two golds. He will probably win his third in the 50 km. The Olympic host Russia has got no cross-country medials so far which is a bit of a surprise. As a Swede I'm happy that the Swedish team has got 1 gold, 5 silvers and 2 bronze, which is all the medals Sweden has got in this Olympics this far. Two of them is a bit of luck. Daniel Richardsson 0.8 seconds ahead of fourth place in 15 km classic. Emil Jönsson, gives up early in the sprint final but then 3 persons fell and Jönsson came back and won the bronze medal almost 18 seconds after second place which a lot in sprint.

In the Biathlon, Martin Fourcade is impressive. I'm glad the 40 years old Ole Einar Bjørndalen got a gold medal. I hoping for Swedish medal in the men's relay.

I haven't watched the Alpine skiing very much yet. I will follow more closely when it comes to the slalom events.
I have seen it on news how dirty the suchi Olympic games venue and including food. The have sex scandal for Olympians..

Is this true? I think it is true since it is all over Brian Nightly News..
I only watch the ice-hockey matches.
Finland just won Russia.
Next Friday Finland and Sweden are playing.
The winner of that game goes to the final match.
The Curling finals are here. The women final is this afternoon between Sweden and Canada. Sweden has won the gold in the last two Olympic Games but that was with a different team. Canada has played well and has not lost a single game in the whole tournament. The men final between Canada and Great Britain is tomorrow. Canada started the tournament a bit shaky and lost against Switzerland and Sweden but since then they have played better. Great Britain has had a tough way to the final with only 5 victories in the round robin and very close games against Norway and Sweden in the tie-breaker and semifinal. I think both Canada's teams are clear favorites to the golds.
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