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Microwave in our life. It's very bad for us health?

Microwave in our life. It's very bad for us health?
There is no evidence of harm from small amounts of microwave radiation; in fact it appears safe as long as the level is not high enough to start cooking your flesh. Since this is posted in a science forum, perhaps you have some ideas about what kind of harm there might be?

I'm a little skeptical of claims that various kinds of radio waves, high-voltage electric lines, etc. are completely safe, but to investigate you need to have a starting point based on experience or prior research. We do know that nuclear radiation proved very hazardous, after a number of early researchers and other people exposed died unexpectedly, thinking the dosage they got was not harmful.
I'm no expert but isn't the frequency important when talking about waves and radiation? X-Rays are not healthy and they have a very high frequency. Microwaves has a much lower frequency, even lower than visible light.
Yes frequency is important. Basically if the electromagnetic wave has enough energy to knock electrons out of their orbits then we call it ionising radiation and that can be trouble (if it, for example, knocks electrons out of orbit in your DNA then you have one mechanism for cancer).
Microwave radiation does NOT have sufficient energy to ionise and is therefore not a radiation hazard in that sense. The worst it is likely to do is cause burns.
Ok that's reassuring to hear. When using a microwave oven (which is the only place I know microwaves are commonly used) it's not really possible to get burned because it automatically turns off when the door opens. Using a normal oven is much more dangerous.
I also heard on a television show that it is not good for health as it ends the nutrition from the food.
jamesparker wrote:
I also heard on a television show that it is not good for health as it ends the nutrition from the food.

Doesn't that always happen to some nutrients when you heat it up? I don't think it's just microwaves.
Well, the taste alters in the microwave-oven - that is the biggest problem I suppose...
gediminas wrote:
Microwave in our life. It's very bad for us health?

I don't think so, but I do think that microwavind every piece of food you eat is not beneficial. You might destroy proteins etc.
Don't worry. We used microwave for our mobile phone, radar, navigation, etc. I personally know a person who has been exposed to microwave for 42 years, 9 hours a day, 5 days a week (except on holiday) since he's 18 and now he's in his 70s and still kicking ass.

You should read about ionizing radiation. It will explain more of the danger of radiation. The non ionizing one like microwave can only burn you alive when the frequency is the same as your atoms/molecules natural resonance and have enough power to actually "push" the atoms/molecules to vibrate. you know, set your setting to low, you can never melt the ice, set it to high, you melt it in few seconds. Again, don't worry, even such frequency exist naturally, no way they are over 1W. Now go check your microwave power and see how many watts you need to heat up thing.
Unfortunately it takes a long time before we know if the use of mobile telephony causes cancer.
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