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What should faith be?

How do we defined wheather we have a faith?
A Christian faith is an active thing formed by a combination of things such as traditions and teachings as well as personal experience. Because it is active it desires to do stuff, to study and learn more and grow stronger as well as get out there and spread the word. Not sure if you could describe it as faith that has been manufactured by basically mind control techniques as practiced by some religions and cults.
I am not a Christian, even though I was raised a Christian and most of my friends and family are.

From what I understand faith to be is that a follower remains faithful to Christ the Savior and the belief that he died for their sins, and remain faithful to the belief in God it's existence and the church no matter what hardships, or difficulties a person faces in life. One also has to continue to believe in these things no matter how much information is presented that may refute the story and or it's validity.

This is my understanding of faith - I have lost this, decades ago, and no longer believe in these things or take them on faith that they are true. As I grew, learned, and evolved in life I learned about things that refuted these beliefs and in an attempt to keep my faith found that those that tell the story of the Savior and God and lacking in truth and conscience and lied so much that their trust was compromised and I was not able to believe anything they said.

I now have the attitude of Bikerman and Samuel Clements - Faith is believing in something you know ain't true!!! Idea
BigGeek wrote:

Faith is believing in something you know ain't true!!! Idea
Isn't that faith in its own right? Believing in "truth"? For me it is just the reverse side of the same coin. In the one the faith is theist - "truth", and in the other the faith is atheist "truth"? Belief in God vs belief in absence of God ? Two opposite sides of the same coin?
jackyxie wrote:
How do we defined wheather we have a faith?

"Believing in the unseen" is faith.
nobody have seen the Mighty Creator, our lord the only one God, angels, the holy book, the prophets, life after death, heaven and hell, but we believe cos our prophet told so. We believe that he is the messenger send by God to guide us. and we believe everything he said.

Believing in the unseen is faith.
It is ok to believe in different stuff depending on where you are at. However, when you get hit by something supernatural and stuff happens that defy logic and reason then you start to shift your thinking and develop faith in something. If all indications that the supernatural stuff is God then that is where you tend to put your faith. You don't need logic and reason any more because he has given you enough of that personally. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks now because it is just you and God getting on together.
During meditation and on occasion in the wilderness I have had some wild supernatural experiences, these led me in the past to believe in some sort of higher power. However as I have aged and had many other life experiences in my attempt to understand the supernatural things that happened to me in the past have led me to believe that they were just creations in my own mind and that the occurrence of them is random with no ability to reproduce them.

When it comes to seeking a god or higher power, and attempting to gain some understanding of that power I have begun to believe that the feeling this power gives to people is one of disappointment, hardship, and depredation. All the "faith" in the world merely serves to deny this feeling and attempt to justify the complete random nature of the universe and the cruelty that exists here.

If there is a higher power or a god, any human that promotes it, claims to know it or to have harnessed it's power I have found to be untrustworthy and deceptive. Again, these experiences have led me to not trust people, or any sort of power in the universe Crying or Very sad
For me, Faith is something sincere. It is the belief in something/someone that one has not seen yet. It will be helpful in a lot or all of one's adventures. If you have Faith in anything or Someone, you should be very happy with it Smile

God bless!Smile
faith comes from the sanctification of the Spirit in the light of the Word.
I think it depends from person to person. For me, to have faith is to believe in something that feels right. It isn't necessarily driven by physical evidence or well thought out information/data. Although, it definitely would help to support one's faith if it is supported by evidence, but it isn't a prerequisite.

This is one reason why I think it's counterproductive for people of religion to argue against those grounded in science and logic. Perhaps when technology improves and information accumulates to the point that can explain the supernatural or other things that we don't have an answer for yet it may happen.

I'm not saying people shouldn't question faith using science, but I think to a certain degree faith should remain separate, if not for the spirit or emotional support. I'm kind of on the fence on how to think about it. I'm more of a scientist and not really much of a religious person at all. But, I do associate myself as a deist rather than an atheist or agnostic. I have no reason to believe in a God or gods, but it just feels right to me that there would be one. Not necessarily one that guides us or interferes with our daily lives, but just as a creator or beginning of all things known. So, even I have some faith in something.
faith is bound to be defined in terms of its own proper act in relation to its own proper object. For faith is a habit, and habits are known through their acts, which are known through their objects.

to believe in something that feels right
Its a debatable topic what religion should one opt for. Anyways, to answer what a faith is. A faith should be one beliefs about some unseen helpers. I personally don't know much about specifically what is common in all religion but I would say different religions give message of love, peace and love for humanity. So, in general faith is a good practice to be good human. But there are alway people in different sects, that tend to make it extreme and they can develop hatered for people of other religions and can cause violoance to enforce their religion upon others. That is one of the negatives of believing in an extreme way in some religion.
Faith is wait what is not visible.
Faith is a gift from God, can't be buy or learned, it only can be accepted.
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