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how do we balance working and reading

After you are a worker, how do you balance your work and selfstudy?
Self discipline. I have 3 jobs, go to school, have a social life, am a volunteer fire fighter, and still manage to get sleep. How I can do it all I'm not quite sure. I guess if you put your mind to something then you can do it.
I find that keeping to a routine works best. You have a set amount of time in a day put aside for working, so you should do the same for your other non-work related stuff. If you set aside a specific amount of time every day, you'll find that you'll be able to do these things just like work because they're on a specific time schedule.
It is really very hard to balance between work and study.But if you are young and unmarried then it is not as hard as married person.But always is that what ever any one want to do,he/she can do with effort.No result will come without hardship.In every task hardship is there.Life is not easy, Each and every step is very hard.
Fortunately my work is teaching. So study is a normal part of my daily routine. I have to study 2-3 hours per day as a class preparation and also pursuing my PhD work on the same subject. However for story books and novels, weekends are the best.
I like to know this too.
I am trying to balance my works and every other things, includes readings.
Yeah I also need to balance my schedule
After graduation, I want to pursue PG but our financial conditions are not that much strong. Then I have started doing part time jobs in melbourne in a small company and then after 6 months I have taken admission for doing part time PG.
It is possible, but quite exhausting. Now I've just started a full-time internship and I have to finish writing my thesis by the end of this month. You don't really have a social life any more, but personally it's not that I was this "party guy" even before Cool
Da Rossa
Right now I feel I can't balance the two of them. Seems that work fills the entire day. Reading with discipline plus going to the gym is too difficult.
I listen to audiobooks, most of which I get for free from librivox (some volunteer-driven online audiobook library, find it on Google, I'm pretty sure I'm too young an user to post links around here).

My daily work consists of drawing caricatures, so I can just pop my earphones and listen to whatever book I downloaded last night. Right now it's Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", got it from librivox yesterday and the reader's voice is great.
Less Sleep and poor diet usually i find to combat this have leftovers in the fridge or freezer to save time - make bigger portions that you can keep when you make them

Learn in 1 hour non disruptive blocks (Video by John Cleese - Monty Python/Fawlty Towers
In order to maintain your work and your studies, you need spare time in your vacant hours during work and after work.

Making a schedule is sometimes a good idea but I don't recommend you to make a schedule of the things you are doing everyday. You also can't rely too much on your schedule so you have to prioritize everything and choose which comes first because unsuspecting events in our life occurs and you know that. Smile

Don't forget that lack of sleep and a bad diet can be a hindrance in your goal. Always sleep more than 5 hours (if you're an adult) and have a balanced diet. Cool

It's all just a matter of priorities. Very Happy
I agree, I think that sometimes it seems easier to just sleep less and eat poorly in order to accomodate for more time in your busy schedule. But sometimes you just need to look carefully and examine if you really need to be so busy in your life that you can't take time to get a proper amount of sleep. You'll definitely regret it in the future when you don't have the health you want, and frankly I think that if you miss out on so much sleep you just end up feeling so bad the rest of your day or week that it's not really worth it. I'd suggest you examine whether or not you really need to be doing all these things, especially if it's on a long term basis.
Lots of self discipline and a will to succeed with your goals. Yes, the payoff will come later but you understand that.
Having been around a while and having had a very busy schedule for most of my life I can tell you that you do not have to sacrifice, eating right exercising regularly, or hobbies. It just limits your time you spend working them. The biggest aspect of keeping on track with everything is to make things simple and efficient. It takes 10 minutes to scramble some eggs and chop up a bowl of fresh fruit for breakfast, 10 minutes to make a salad and cut up a piece of meat (chicken, beef, buffalo, fish etc.). Typically when I cook dinner I cook enough for lunch the next day. Dinners are likewise quite easy - while the meat is cooking chop up some veggies for a salad.

Likewise the things you work at daily, side business, job, volunteer work, etc. You get better at managing it and refining processes - things take less time leaving you more time for other things.

It can be done and after a while it seems natural to work through the days like that because these things become a habit. Very Happy
For me it is very hard to manage or to have balance between working and studying.
Da Rossa
The thing is, people are having a hard time setting a schedule itself, now go figure specifically about reading. I wish I had time..
I have a Kindle and tried reading at work. But my mind just stays in work mode. So I now listen to podcasts.
I don't think I've ever managed this balance. I get a bit hyperfocused on books and will finish one in a day or two even if it's a very long one.
Da Rossa
I wish I had this 'imbalance' of yours. I wish I could focus on a book to finish it off in two days. But the work shift consumes me.
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