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2014 Super Bowl

Well this sunday is the super bowl. For those that don't know about the super bowl look here. The Denver Broncos are playing against the Seattle Seahawks.

So my question is to the people that follow American football who do you think will win?

My vote goes for Denver

For those that don't follow that well this is the first time in history that the number one offensive will take on the number one defense.

This is also the first year that the super bowl will be played in a cold climate. To anyone unfamiliar with the location its at Met life stadium which is the stadium both the NY Giants and NY Jets play at. Although it is home to 2 New York teams it is actually located in New Jersey.
It needs to be colder than the predicted 30 F and snowing during the game. Make them really earn their money but after New Jersey's "Jock tax"', many will not have much left anyway.
That said, I would like to see Denver win but will not hold my breath.
Well if you saw the game yesterday Denver looked like a High School football team playing against a Professional football team. It was sad, the best offense in Pro Football that has broken all the records for most number of points and touchdowns in a season got their butts handed to them by Seattle.

Just goes to show you that the best defense typically wins against the best offense and the Super Bowl was a shinning example of that, Denver couldn't do anything, couldn't complete needed passes, make first downs, or control the ball.

Denver lost the game on the first snap of the ball, when Peyton missed the snap and Seattle scored a touch back, it was over, Denver was dominated by the Seahawks for the rest of the game.

Sad, just sad to watch them get stomped on like that.....oh well just goes to show you that any thing can happen in any game Shocked
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