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Windows 1.0

Microsoft Windows 1.0 is a 16-bit graphical operating environment, developed by Microsoft Corporation and released on 20 November 1985.

I have used this OS.

Have you used this OS and if so, what was your impressions of Win 1.0?
No I have never used it. I think the oldest Windows version I have ever used is Windows 3.1.
Sadly I have never used Windows 1.0 . The earliest version of Windows I used is Windows 3.0

However a few years ago I used it for educational purposes and it feels...... Like a DOS based file manager.... Near useless. Sad
No. Never used. but i used windows windows 3.1 and windows 3.11 for a while.
I have used Windows from Windows 3.1.
I didn't used Windows 1.0 but i like to try it Wink
nah... the wikipedia entry is wrong. it's not an OS. more like file manager.

you sure you've used it jajarvin? funny, people who are kind of "pioneer" still copy paste from wikipedia.
badai wrote:
nah... the wikipedia entry is wrong. it's not an OS. more like file manager.

you sure you've used it jajarvin? funny, people who are kind of "pioneer" still copy paste from wikipedia.

I think it was an operating system.
Some information here:
One Rant coming up...

Windows 1.0, c'mon people what is going on?
asking impressions of an operating system that is almost as old as I am ( that's right... born in 1981)

the goal is to move forward, not backwards.
This OS was actually one of the first ( the first for Microsoft but not the first in general) Operating systems that had a Graphic shell instead of the command line shell that has been used before.

people back then were happy that they had new technology to work with. and I'm sure that people that have actually worked with those dinosaurs will tell you that they are happy that they are not using those anymore.

I'm seeing this revolution all over the place. look at phones. I've got an Xperia Z, which is an amazing phone, but when I look at the phones that I used to have 10 years ago it's a huge brick.
so phones went from HUUUUUGE to small, smaller, smallest to big, bigger biggest.

this is a trend I'm seeing also in the PHP community. a few years ago there was the rise of Frameworks, you were either using them or creating them and IMO those that didn't were just not really into it.

nowadays Frameworks have evolved into something new. I loved CodeIgniter but now everybody is moving to Laravel ( one of the most scary frameworks to start with).
to make things worse, there's composer, wth is this... a command line interface to load dependencies.... a Command Line Interface.... I thought we were over those b****es.

here's what I think, too many hipsters that want to go vintage and old skool, too many people that want to reinvent the wheel
and last but not least.. too many hypocrites that want to share their opinion on matters that nobody really cares about muuhhhahahaahaaaaaaaaaaaa Twisted Evil
I only remember the interface screenshots. I acknowledge it was a revolution when it first came out. But I think the earliest I used was Windows 3.1 and then '95. The longest pre-XP systems I used was '98.
Someone trying to get to grips with windows 1.0

Marcuzzo I think it's just kind of interesting from a historical point of view to have a look at the beginning of something that spiraled into the overweight dinosaur beast it is today, I see what you are saying we shouldn't JUST like something because it's old that is just a hipster/image thing to do as you say but regardless of whether you like it, or whether it was practical for the time or whether it's relevant in today's world it's kinda interesting. It's not efficient to use such a thing today, but no-one said that.

Also I thought you'd retired like watersoul? Very Happy
Josso, you must have missed the punchline Razz

Josso wrote:
Also I thought you'd retired like watersoul? Very Happy

actually, my hosting has not been used for a long time and I did retire but every now and then I still log.
It's hard to find another forum where I can contribute and the fact that I've got 1+K in posts here is also a factor.

as soon as my favorite topics here go completely down the drain ( and they are heading in that direction for a while now) I'll probably stop visiting the site.
Da Rossa
I can only get as back as Win 3.11. 1994, Gosh, 20 years from now!
Good Old Days!

If you know about Xerox
Xerox Alto -> Xerox Star Workstation.
One of pioneers of GUI/Networking/Input Interface

Today I guess only UNIX is still active.
One of pioneers of OS/Programming Languages.

My earliest windows is Windows XP. It is like a charm! It feels more advanced than windows 8.
I have only tried windows 3.1 for a few minutes. lol
Windows 1.0 is too antique. Looks close to a DOS application
According to other sources they even managed to compare windows 1.0 to windows 8 Razz
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