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how much price of water in your country? how much percent of

how much price of water in your country? how much percent of it in your income?

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zinal1 wrote:
how much price of water in your country? how much percent of it in your income?

In Hamburg water supply costs 1,65 EUR/m. Wastewater disposal costs 2,09 EUR/m. I have to pay both.
I would have to take a look at my annual bill to find out the exact amount of water I use. However the average citizen in Hamburg uses 134 l a day, equalling 48910 l a year. So that would be 183 EUR a year. In my case that is less than 1 % of my personal income.

Now, like most Germans do I live in a rented apartment. I do not pay directly to the water supply company but the house owner does; in other words water is somehow part of my rent, so I'd have to look in the annual rent calculation to give you more details.

By the way, the water utility is state-owned in Hamburg and I guess there is a large majority in our population in favour to keep it that way.

What about yourself?
We got the first 20 cubic meter for free. After that they got some kind of structure where the more you use, the higher the price per cubic meter will be. I don't remember exactly and too lazy to look it up.

Since my house never use more than 20 cubic meter per month, it 0% of my total income.
In our country water are free and we just pay the services once a year Smile
We don't pay for water Smile
What countries are those? Sure would love to live there Smile
Well, we donot have to pay directly for the water but we have to pay the municipality tax which includes the amount. Anyway, it is nominal. But now the authority is thinking of installing water meters similar to electricity. Then we have to pay the amount depending on our usage. However in view of the coming general election, they will surely postpone the plan for atleast a couple of month. Very Happy
I have my own well so I pay nothing. Some nearby charge a lot for water. I don't know the amount. I only know I am glad I don't pay it.
We have always had watermeters in sweden as long as I can remember.
My bill is both water and garbage but it is quite expensive I think. I pay more than a 1000 SEK a month eq 150 USD, but for both services... But I also think my water is the cleanest to buy...
The place I'm temporarily staying has free water (but, obviously I have to pay for the electricity that heats up the hot water). Before, I want to say it was around $2.50 per 1000 gallons? Then there were some other strange utility and account charges on top of that, though those were a flat rate, I believe.
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