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'ntldr' gone

Last night my Windows XP computer totally died on a restart. 'ntldr' warning and would not boot beyond that. Had to get out system restore CD and start from scratch. Then while loading it locked up while installing components (I guess) so media center and other things are missing but at least system is up somewhat. Was able to backup the restored data.
I had a second drive for backup that cloned this drive however it will not boot. It worked well alone right after I had cloned it all by itself as it should but now NO! Sucks, should have been an easy fix.

My neighbor had same thing happen earlier in the week. Anyone else?
I presume you ran a checkdisk? I got a bunch of weird boot errors before I retired my XP machine. Could never figure out whether it was motherboard or software issues.
Maybe there is something wrong with the hard drive. Have you tried installing XP on another drive?
Josso wrote:
I presume you ran a checkdisk?

Could not run checkdisk until I had Windows re-installed. Drive is fine. Since restore locked up during process and I now have 'data' files backed up, I am going to start over 'again' to see if I can get all components installed.
Still not sure what caused this mess.
Found a variety of possibilities for the problem.

Could be the BIOS configuration is reading the CD as non-bootable. Apparently there is an Auto setting in the BIOS that could sort out the problem.

Here's an intelligent looking guide for how to configure your BIOS to read the CD properly:

I find you can often get into the filesystem of corrupted windoze using something like parted magic, from a linux file browser. You could try that to recover some data
This morning computer won't start at all. Can't get display period. Took side cover off and notice that the cooling over the processor starts then stops running on trying start computer. Other fans are still running.
Not sure if this is a power supply problem or motherboard. Any thoughts?
same problem i have found in my system, its due to the hard disk corrupt, we can get the datas back, but the hard disk will not work fine. we can format the hard disk after the format is finished again the same problem will come, i searched over internet and done all the things but not yet get my hard disk in a good condition. so you can backup your datas, and get a new hard disk as soon as possible.
standready wrote:
Can't get display period.

Believe it or not, this morning I pulled the memory and re-installed. To my surprise, I now have display back! Working on system restore - oh what fun!
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