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Libs ignore Al-Qaida ops bust at US Mexican Border

S3nd K3ys
Lets see just how much coverage we get from the main stream media...

Al-Qaida ops busted
at Mexican border?
Congresswoman drops bomb in announcing bill to halt issuance of driver's licenses to illegals
Posted: November 10, 2005
1:00 a.m. Eastern


WASHINGTON In announcing the introduction of legislation aimed at preventing illegal aliens from getting driver's licenses yesterday, a North Carolina Republican member of the House of Representatives casually dropped a bombshell that went over the heads of most of the media covering the event that three members of al-Qaida were recently captured trying to enter the U.S.
She indicated her real concern was national security pointing to the al-Qaida arrests, which have not been reported elsewhere.

Strange, that. I mean, it's true. Obviously Smile
S3nd K3ys wrote:
L the left wingers...

you mean the not-right wingers, don't you?
S3nd K3ys
gonzo wrote:
S3nd K3ys wrote:
L the left wingers...

you mean the not-right wingers, don't you?

Actually, I got to thinking... It is an interesting story and deserves attention ... my "binary" left bad / right good viewpoint distracts from the importance of the issue. Therefore I changed it to read "main stream media" instead of "liberals". Very Happy

Somehow it doesn't read much different though. Wink
Considering how the liberal main stream media nearly ignored the 1.7 tons of radioactive material the IAEA removed from Iraq while people were in awe of a potential yellow cake purchase says alot.

If the news makes the conservatives look good, don't print it. (or at least bury it)

If the News makes the conservatives look bad, print it everywhere.

Has this been confirmed.
Agreed, if one congresswoman says something unconfirmed, that's not really news.

Also, it would seem that if our government is capturing "terrorists" like this that the powers that be would be yelling it from the top of their lungs.
LeviticusMky wrote:
that's not really news.

Not news ?
Disbelieving the sacred word of WorldNetDaily ?

Some time back I noted down a few other stories from this "news" source.
News or propaganda ? you decide -
FBI joins drills on nuke terror - Military, U.S. law enforcement step up weapons-of-mass-destruction exercises

Where nuke proliferation leads - Expert projects 6-year hypothetical scenario

America's need for civil defense - Get special Whistleblower report on facing nuke threat

Hospitals on alert for possible terror threat - People with false credentials asking for info about layout, capabilities

Bible brought into 21st century on remarkable video - For limited time, get $120 off acclaimed 'WatchWORD' DVD set

4 years later, U.S. still can't track visitors - 'If I were a terrorist, that would appear to be a soft spot'

Tortured for Christ - The extraordinary story of 1 man's victory over Communism

'Are We Living in the Last Days?' - Greg Laurie takes clear, refreshing look at biblical End-Times prophecy

Shock a Muslim with the truth! - Read 'The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)'

Want a brat? Then don't discipline your child - Acclaimed book presents biblical, practical training tips

WorldNetDaily is one of the worst biased and self-serving conservative christian media outlets.

Apprarently, some people can claim that they are well-informed by having this for their source of news.
They can even post in on Discuss World News.
But if you don't vote Bush and have a news source other than WND, they'll smart-a**edly tell you to "get out of the box".

I wonder if I can post Michael Moore as proof ? Rolling Eyes
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