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Why do we have something everyday?
because food is source of energy, food contains elements for existing
Without food we get hungry. So food makes our hunger to go away.
Well, personally I eat every day because I don't want to die. Cool
It is a habit and varies depending on energy output?
Bluedoll wrote:
It is a habit and varies depending on energy output?

right, tasty food is a bad habit. Even the more tastier, the worse habit it is. (I mean we are more likely addict to "tasty" fast food, than to tasty healthy food, even if we feel better after eating healthy food)
Requirement if our body.
With out food no body can stay.every one knows it is very important.Same food every day or different food.
Eat is an important activity for human. We can die if we don't eat anything at all. We eat until we die. After we die we do not need any more food to eat to stay alive in the new world.
I don't think anyone has yet answered the question. Why do we have to eat food every day? Why not once every other day?

I think our bodies have adapted to eating quite frequently so we can't store energy efficiently for very long. You could probably eat less often than every day but you will probably feel tired, have hard to concentrate, and have other side effects. Some animals can go very long without eating.
The easy answer is that it is fuel for the body to function. You can go without eating for x amount of days, so it isn't required that you eat everyday. If you starve yourself, your body starts to break down the fat and muscle cells in the body for fuel. Once those are gone, your health starts to deteriorate rapidly because you won't get the necessary fuel, vitamins, and minerals that your body needs to function.

As an aside, I recently read about sun eaters. Whether it is actually true or not, it is an interesting concept. Basically these supposedly practitioners of "sun eating" use the energy of the sun for fuel and can forgo eating altogether. Much like how plants use the sun for photosynthesis. The basic premise is to use the photo receptors in the eye to absorb the energy. I don't know the exact details of how it works, but it is interesting.
food is for energy.without energy every thing is zero
Food is requirement of our body and only is the source of energy. We can't survive without it.
food is only source of energy.that is why we need daily.
Food is not the only source of energy. Our stomach need food to process because if there is no food too long the stomach can hurt itself. That's why we have to drink and eat after take fasting. Not eat any food is also bad for our health. At least we eat food once a day and drink water. Human can stay alive in a long term without water, but human can die fast if don't have any water to drink in several day. Water is more important than food. But food is also so important to human. If there is no good food at all we can eat bad food as long as it's in an emergency situation. So why we need food in our life, because we need food to stay in a good condition. We should eat good and halal food to stay away from the negative effect of bad food.
Every day i have different food. some time chicken with vegetables, some time fish etc. Every day different according to body requirement.
kyawhlaingark wrote:
Why do we have something everyday?

For take and give energy.
There are numerous biological reasons why we eat daily. First thing in the morning when cortisol levels are highest raising blood protein and sugar levels lowers these levels and activates other pathways that assist the body with all sorts of functions from physical, mental, and immune systems. Fist meal of the day is important for this reason - insulin rises as we eat a meal in response to the increased blood sugar and drops down within a 2 to 4 hour window ready for your next meal.

Also the digestive track needs to keep all of it's activity throughout the day and only eating every other day will cause digestive issues. Not to mention the fact that eating too few calories in frequently lowers the metabolism to compensate for the reduced calorie intake - the body will start to metabolize it's own muscle mass when in starvation mode and if it goes on long enough it will start to metabolize it's own organs!

So reasons to eat daily - maintain proper hormone balance, for energy, to keep your muscle mass, and to maintain your brain and nervous system functions.

If the body had evolved to only eat once ever other day than I guess that would be the norm, but it didn't it evolved to eat daily and in line with the day and night cycles of the planet Very Happy Shocked Cool
Thank You. Very interesting. But dont forget the pleasure of eating food. Special mothers food.
We always try to eat our mother hood food. We hardly try any new food.Because we are use to eat that food. It is very hard for us to change the taste the of food.We always try to eat our cultural food.
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