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Difficulty creating secondary FTP user

Da Rossa
Hi, I've been told that it's a good practice to setup a second FTP user to your host with limited access, without being able to go up until the root folder, and with the specific purpose of adding and removing content to/from an specific directory, such as a WordPress or PHPBB installation.

I tried doing so for my WordPress self-hosting installation. But I'm encountering problems upon creating the second user.

Inside the DA interface, I go to "FTP Management" then "Create FTP account". There is already the primary FTP user "darossa", which comes with no suffix. So the second user had to be "". Then I set the password, then I have to choose among the four options. I select "custom" so I can set this user to access "/home/darossa/domains/" directly and only it, not being able to go upper levels.

However, when I log into the server via FileZilla with this new user, I land directly into the very root of the server, where I can see dirs named .mozilla, .php and so on, including "domains". Down one level I can see two domains, my old and most used for my main site ( and this one I created a few days ago so I can test WordPress ( Down one level there is the public_html folder and only then I see the WordPress files. (there is no WordPress folder, the files go directly under public_html).

This is obviously a security issue. OR I'm just missing something basic (which usually is). So:

1 - How do I set a secundary FTP account to access a deep-level subfolder directly with no permission to view the root?

2 - Why does every FTP account beyond the first mandatorily comes with the suffix?


Edit: I tried some other paths like domains/ but I got the error message that 'the path is invalid; either is not the home, or has invalid characters" etc.

Edit 2, 10 minutes later aprox: I tried messing around by changing from option 4 to 3 in the radio buttons, didn't work. So I put back on option 4 (custom) with this path:
Now I can login via FileZilla with user and what I see? a blank filelist in the remote location. It is like a "relative root". I can't go up but I can't see anything else. What did I do?
I tested creating an FTP account to my account on server 2 and it works. I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. Did you type the password correctly?
I have just tested it now on server 4 and i was able to create 3 ftp users with different accesses and there was no problem at all ! also i tested them with filezilla and those were not allowed to go further from specific folder.
Da Rossa
Incredible. Now I woke up and it works. It's almost like it's one of that caching settings that take some hours to be 'seen' by the system. Now the second FTP user does access the specific folder I assigned. Pronto.

Just to avoid having this as the second stupid topic I create in this area within a week, tell me: when I created my site, there were two servers here @Frih. Now there is four. I guess sometimes data was moved between servers. Where do I see in which server I'm currently at?
i have also difficulties in connecting the FTP. I think i am on server 4.

There are days that i need to connect 7 times before i can browse the folders under the public_html. I can connect right away with the login name and password but on the navigation of folder that the time i got hard connection.
Da Rossa
Talking of, right now there is a slowness to navigate through my WordPress site's dashboard. But the latest server problem reported dates back to August 2013, a DDoS suffered by server 1. Which is my current server?
Your domain ends with so you're on server 2 (same as me). You can also look it up on the account page.
Da Rossa
Thanks for the tip Peter! Smile I already was supposed to know that Razz
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