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Age Of Empires 3 .::NEW::.

In this highly anticipated next installment in the Age of Empires franchise from Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires III places players in the time period of roughly 1500Ö1850, picking up where Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings left off. As players work to establish their empire, they take on the role of a European power struggling to explore, colonize, and conquer North and South America.

Age of Empires III introduces exciting new gameplay elements, including the all-new Home City and an incredible combat system. Players have new civilizations to discover, random maps to conquer, and a single-player campaign unlike any other. Players also find stunning graphics as a result of a revolutionary graphics engine that pushes the limits of PC graphics technology in an entirely new way.

What you guys about the latest release from Ensemble Studios?
AGE OF EMPIRES 3 is really amazing with real time 3D graphics.
I dont know about you guys, but ive been playing Age Of Empires since its first debut. I like their games, including Age Of Mythology.
So, whats ur thoughts about this new release?

Actual in-game screenshots

edit: To save loading time on forums, I've inserted links.
Yes, it's very nice game with cool Graphics & music.
I think it's very cool,
awesome graphics and sound.
The Home-City system works very good.

But fore the moment I am waiting to get Civ 4 from Very Happy
But AoE III is an awesome game!! Exclamation
I always liked Age of Empires and I played all of them, also Age of Mythology. Anyway, I prefered Empire Earth. But I now have AoE III and it's GREAT! Amazing graphics, WOW! Recommended to everyone!!!
Havent tried it, but the graphics make it look the will never run on my machine. God we all have been dying for aoe3. 2 was so way back.
got it on monday..

need a new computer now cause it runs.. but i wanna run it with everything turned up to high ^^;;;
I actually don't like it! I loved the first one, second was ok, third is CRAP!
Age Of Empires is realy great

the second one is even better and the third one is the best!
it looks very good, but my computer is to slow ;( i won't play AoE 3 before i buy faster computer Very Happy
i have this game.. and i like him.. but damnn.. i can't play with my friend at lan game.. it's write me always "the other side closed the connection"
and damn.. he doesn't close.. and i have no idea why it's write me this..
is anybody know the answer for this??

AOE 3 looks really awsome, I have seen the graphics and that alone makes me want to get it. I liked the first two and I am expecting the third to be alot better than them.
I had heard this game has been released, looking forward to getting my hands on it. Although I didn't really like Age of Mythology which was also done by Ensemble, but from what I've read AoE III is pretty good.
I don't like this game but tnx anyway.
i love this games its good graphics and music is the best
The best part in Age of Empires has allways been the multiplayer mod, and it still is. I love this game, and I love to play vs my friends and smash them to pieces ;D
Excelent game ! I just played this one and need more hours and free time to played this great game ! And waiting ubisoft to finish Heroes of the Might and Magic 5 !
currently installing Smile
graphics seems coowl
so now w8 and c what the gameplay brings Smile
Yeah, AoE 3 is the awesomeness of all awesomeness. Razz

I think I've played like 120 games with a 63 win %. If anyone wants to whisper me on ESO, my screename is Dark_Jedi06. Laughing
getting this for xmas
I've only played the demo but I want that game. At least I can still play AoE2 online for now.
what is de game min requirenment for grqaphic card??@@~
de graphich seem so cool.. scared my com wont be able to support... Sad Sad Sad
I hate all RTS, but Age of Empites 2 is good... I regret that Age of Empires isn't a FPS Wink
yes, it is a very good game, i like it very much ~_~
Don't like AoE3 ,although I'm a addicted AoM player I don't like the whole story and the gameplay . I expected more...
Xaros wrote:
Yes, it's very nice game with cool Graphics & music.

I think so! Now, I play it after a hard work! It's very necessary for entertainment!
bull blood
Umm.. I have it and i played it like one week and get bored.. Ok. It's good game in multiplayer with irl friends.. And graphichs is awesome Rolling Eyes
haha.. going to change new computer n tryout this game.. Laughing
Was really Excited to see cannot wait till it comes to Mac
yeayeas soon to play this game yay~!!
waiting for my brother to bring back this cd~~
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