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Windows XP being discontinued?

Is it true that Windows XP is being discontinued? I saw an article stating it would be in a few months and has had a notification of this out for about two years?

I'm on an old Windows XP machine now. While I'm looking for a laptop, we are considering keeping it for guests like my niece to use.
It's true.
End of support means Microsoft will not fix any problems found after that.
If people use computer carefully and installed a proper antivirus and a good firewall,
the WIN XP could be used for several years.
I thought the window users were the main support for windows? If it is like windows 9x it will mean there will be support (web pages) out there for users by users but no official updates and drivers etc from microsoft. This means that all new apps that are to be written for the latest windows operating system might not work in xp and there will not be fixes.

So upgrade your os or die?
If you are going to use the same old computer with the same old programs you can probably keep usingit without problems for many years. Upgrading to a new Windows OS would just make an older computer slow.
I think few years ago I already heard that MS will discontinue to support Windows XP.

For old computers, use linux instead especially if you will only use it for downloading or on documents, typing and etc.

Although I like the idea of @Peterssidan.

However visiting some websites may always forcing you to upgrade such drivers or plugin.
Support ends on April 8, 2014 for Windows XP SP3 users.
While no more support would exist after that date, you can still run your computer on Windows XP as it is. Nothing will change. But you will not get Windows Updates like you did before.
Win 7 is a good OS for those who want to upgrade from XP but win 8 is just not that good, if you are going to leave xp for win 8 i suggest you to wait a little more maybe we can see win 9 in this year

Ok, I am a little confused here. Will the old updates still be available? The reason I asked is that I just had to 'recover'/restore my XP. I had to go online and get all those updates to get my machine back to where it was before the crash.
I think I used it for quite a long time, but there's nothing we can do if they decide to discontinue that software. I also think using the same old programs and the OS without any Internet access if ok, for some minimal work.
it is and microsoft is going through one bad change with windows 8 , not everyone has a touch screen monitor
I really love the windows xp and we never compare this OS to anyone.
Da Rossa
It's high time XP is gone, people. It was a very decent OS. But it is in the past now. It's no use saying its less resource-hungry. 7 or 8 is the way to go. Preferrably 8.
It is about time. I m still using XP on my both home and work computers though Wink
RosenCruz wrote:
It is about time. I m still using XP on my both home and work computers though Wink

Me too. Smile XP with good antivirus and firewall you can use it without windows update. Of course it is good to keep in mind this info and avoid suspicious web sites. And, how I know, you can download all updates from Microsoft site. But there are no updates after April.

I finally let go of Windows XP about a month ago. But it was still going strong. I didn't need to let go of it I still prefer it for its simplicity too, however got myself a new computer - upgraded my hardware and Windows 7 Home came as OEM. I don't blame any one else for sticking with XP, but if you can, just buy yourself Windows 7 before you won't be able to get a copy of it as Windows 8 sucks. It was designed with touch screen in mind, and for those who don't do touch screen a real pain in the butt. Seriously. I purchased myself an OEM of Windows 7 in addition to the one I have now with my new hardware, just to have a backup. I'm fully intending to wait until Windows 9 and hope Microsoft will have got the message by then. Not all of its users like to touch screens.
14 years later, all bugs fixed, working a treat, end of sports -Game over

Its a strange world
It will be much more exploitable without the updates now because when Microsoft releases a security update for Vista/7/8 chances are good that the exploit it fixes will be something that carried over from XP. Without receiving that update, your system running XP will still be exploitable. Each update also exposes this vulnerability to those who haven't found it yet like an opened wound to bacteria. I would recommend installing centOS or another solid Linux distribution that still receives updates and run your XP programs through wine. That is if you don't want to fork out the money for a new version of windows or new hardware that comes with it preinstalled.
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