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Does society still tend to run with the flow?

Do you feel majority of Americans are still displaying a disturbing willingness to believe the force-of-will belief instead of reality?
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Do you think people still rely on the fact that the majority of people will go along with the flow of culture, rather question or oppose it? For instance, you can see many people believe in things which are factually false, and yet, because other's believe it so fervently, individuals are more likely to believe it also. Take religion for instance. Whenever you disproved something about religion in the Middle Ages, the machine of the church refused to acknowledge the facts, and instead, through force of will, convinced everyone else to ignore it also. Another example is Gay marriage. If someone makes a good point for gay marriage, some folks will intentionally ignore the facts and desperately try to say that the point is badly-made, or even false altogether. Others, through predisposition, already hating gay marriage, want to believe this line of logic, so they do. Those unsure, but not wanting to rock the boat, go along with the masses who are fervently against it, believing that if so many people believe it, it must be true. It creates an atmosphere even. A feeling that you sense like it were a wall: "This is what people believe and it feels like an insurmountable object, so there is no point in trying to climb it."

What do you think the Jews felt like when they made excellent points as to why not all Jews were bad folks, but the Germans, feeling more and more comfortable with their ability to bring harm to the Jews, completely swept aside all reasonable logic: "NO. You're wrong. We're right! You are rats. You need to disappear." As the Jews became less and less able to defend themselves, the feeling increased in the Germans that Jews truly were less than human. They must be...they lived in the ghetto's. A Jew might have stated, "That's only because you literally stole my apartment and everything inside it!". The German response would obviously have been that they were a liar, that the Jews stole it from a German to begin with, etc. This "logic" swept like wildfire through the Germans because they had a predisposition for believing such things. They felt psychologically vulnerable and wanted to increase the size of their own personal ego so their own struggles seemed less heavy. The Germans literally hated the Jews not because they truly thought they were better, but because they desperately needed to convince themselves that their life was better. "It must be....look at that filthy Jew crawling in the slums. I am righteous, they are not.".
Even if a Jew pointed this out, the Germans would simply say the Jew was "Projecting".
"Uh...Uh....Uh oh...I think someonnnnnne is projecting. You live in the dirt and you are looking for someone to blame. You are accusing me of the very thing you are doing. Jews have always hated German's, everyone knows that. You used to have a nice house and car and judge me, but now that I own your house and car...".

The prison guard experiments so famous in psychology courses demonstrate that when you feed people the tiniest bit of ego gratification, they run with it. It doesn't matter whether it makes sense to or not, the majority just do it.

Financial examples:
Yes, society is still largely running with the flow. People are following what other people do, especially in our age of technology and social media. If one person has a Facebook, another one makes a Facebook. If another person has Twitter, another person follows and makes one too. Then they make a Tumblr, Instagram, Reddit, etc. until they have no idea why they have signed up for so many services. Fads spread like wildfire and people do stupid things based on what's popular on the internet.

Overall, I believe our society is less informed than previous generations, despite having more access to information than any generation in history. People don't want to seek out the truth or reality - they are much more content with spending hours on entertainment and Facebook and Twitter. People follow the crowd because the crowd is so large, it is almost overpowering, very similar to the situation you described with 1930s-1940s Germany. One person has a tough time opposing the views and beliefs of one million. People are afraid to take a stand at the risk of public scrutiny.
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