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HP Pavilion G6 Hard Drive Problem

My friend asked me for help with his HP Pavilion G6 Notebook PC. When I start the computer it says "Boot Device Not Found" and the hard disk test says "Hard Disk Not Exist". I have tested with another hard drive and it works correctly so the problem is obviously with the hard drive.

I need to replace the hard drive but can I just buy any 2.5" SATA hard drive? Or does the height need to be correct. The original hard drive is 9.5 mm (I think) but most hard drives I have seen on the web stores seem to be 7 mm. I think both should work because it mentions both 9.5 and 7 mm in the Maintenance and Service Guide but I'm worried that the protective thing that they have put on the hard drive will not fit a smaller one. I mean it would not be good if the hard drive jumps around. Am I wrong, will it fit both sizes?

Another issue is the operating system. It had Windows 7 installed but how do I reinstall it without the original hard drive. I have not asked my friend yet, but I doubt he has created any recovery media. There is something that looks like a Windows product key on the bottom side of the computer. Can I use that somehow? I don't have any Windows 7 CD or anything.

Note that the warranty has expired.
I fixed the computer by ordering a new hard drive (500GB Seagate Momentus 5400,16MB) and installing Windows 7 (downloaded from a torrent site) using the original product key. Everything works fine so far. Very Happy
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